McDermott Library Noise Policy

McDermott Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study and research. We try to find a balance among the variety of users of the library’s resources: individual study needs, research consultations with reference librarians, library business transactions at all service desks, and group study and collaboration.

Silent Study Zone – located along the outer walls of the fourth floor

Expectations:  Quiet study, no talking or socializing.  Cell phone use is limited to silent mode and silent keypad texting.
Benefits:  Quiet and calming environment for reflection, problem-solving, and other complex work on which you need to concentrate.
Cautions:  Zero tolerance for noise.

Considerate Collaborative Zone – located throughout the library

Expectations:  Quiet study individually or in small groups.
Benefits:  Productive study for individuals who prefer a low level of noise while working.
Cautions:  Low-level conversation is fine, but not loud noise or socializing.
(Reminder:  These zones may be near service desks or electronic equipment)

Active Learning Zone – located on the first floor, second floor lobby, and individual study rooms on the second and third floors

Expectations:  Interactive study with moderate talking allowed.
Benefits:  Collaborate with others with minimal disturbance to others who are learning.
Cautions: Talking is acceptable, but please be considerate of others and keep your voice to a reasonable level.

Cell-Phone Friendly Zone (cell phone ) – located in the first floor Novel Brew area, second floor lobby, and third and fourth floor stairwell landings

Expectations:  Areas for cell phone use away from study zones.
Benefits:  Make phone calls with minimal disturbance or disruption to others who are learning.
Cautions:  Low-level conversation only.  Be a pal, keep it down!

If there is noise in your study area that you believe to be excessive, you are encouraged to ask the noise maker(s) to be quiet.  If you feel uncomfortable doing so or if the users refuse to cooperate, please report the disturbance to a library service desk on the second floor.
The UT Dallas police will be called if users become belligerent or refuse to discontinue disruptive behavior.  The police may escort the user out and will ensure that the incident is reported to Student Services.
Thank you for your cooperation in making the UT Dallas libraries a better place to study and conduct research.

Signs for Each Zone:

       quiet study blue sign Considerate Study orange sign Group Study green sign

Floor Maps Indicating Noise Zones

4th Floor
4th floor map with noise zones

3d Floor
3d floor map with noise zones

2nd Floor
2nd floor map with noise zones

1st Floor
1st floor map with noise zones