Print, Scan, & Copy Services

The Eugene McDermott Library provides equipment to make black & white and color copies and prints. In addition there is equipment to make print copies and digital files from microfiche and microfilm. Scanners are also available.

Printing is not available from the Community Users workstations. Library visitors must bring their own thumb/flash/USB drive to save data from their searches.


How To Pay

Current UTD students, faculty, and staff must have CometCash on their valid Comet Card in order to print or copy.

  • To add funds to your Comet Card with a credit card, use the GET App.
  • To add funds with cash, use the Add Value machine near the printers/copiers. It accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills – coins may only be added to your card balance at the Comet Card Office.



Black & White $0.06 per side
Color $0.25 per side
Scanning Free

Copies of Interlibrary Loan materials may be paid for with cash.


Printing From the Information Commons

  • If printing a Web page (HTML document), use “File -> Print” from the browser menu.
  • If printing an Adobe PDF document (a document opened in the Adobe Acrobat Reader), click the Adobe printer icon .
  • Log off of the PC and go to a black & white or color printer in the Library Copy Center.
  • Swipe your Comet Card and choose the job to print from your print queue.

Note: Print jobs remain on the printer (the “print queue”) for only 2 hours from the time they are sent. After that time, they will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Please watch your time when sending print jobs. Be safe by frequently saving files that you are working on to avoid lost print jobs.


Printing From Laptops

comet print

  • Email [email protected] (for black & white prints) or [email protected] (for color prints) with your letter sized (8.5 x 11) attachments using your UTD email.
  • First time users must register your UTD email. Follow the instructions on the email you receive after the initial email you send.
  • Wait for a confirmation email stating that your print job has been sent to a kiosk.
  • Go to the library Copy Center and swipe your Comet Card at a black & white or color printer.
  • Select the job you wish to print
  • Press the START button


Digital Microform Scanners

The library has two digital microform scanners near the printers/copiers that allow you to print, scan, or save to a flash drive. An instruction manual is available at the scanner workstation.



The library has a shredder near the printers/copiers to dispose of confidential or sensitive information.

Page Last Updated: January 28, 2019