The Ethel Ward-McLemore Award for Library Excellence

The Ethel Ward-McLemore Awards for Library Excellence are presented annually to two library staff members in recognition of their outstanding contributions to our libraries. The awards are funded by the late Ethel Ward-McLemore. Each award winner receives a commemorative gold pin and a check for $1,000.

2017 McLemore Award Recipients

2017 McLemore Winners

Congratulations to this year's 2017 McLemore Award winners Travis Goode and Una Scott, both of whom were recognized by their peers for outstanding contributions to the library.

Ethel Ward-McLemore’s Biography

Ethel Ward-McLemore's presence in the geophysical community was a personal triumph because she was one of the first female geophysicists and a pioneering spirit throughout her life. She was given an Honorary Membership in the Society of Exploration Geophysicists in recognition of her early work for Humble Oil and Refining and more than 50 years of service to exploration geology. Ward-McLemore began her education in mathematics and chemistry at Mississippi Woman's College where she earned her B.A. in 1928. Her studies continued at the University of North Carolina where she earned an M.A. in 1929. She took additional courses and pursued research at such institutions as the University of Chicago, Colorado School of Mines, Texas Christian University, and Southern Methodist University. In 1932 she entered the field of geophysics as assistant to Donald Barton, co-founder and first president of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. In 1933, with Barton, she joined Humble's Geological Department, headed by Wallace Pratt. In 1935, Ethel Ward married Robert McLemore, a petroleum engineer. Two years later, Ethel left Humble when her husband was transferred to Beeville, Texas, as district engineer for Sun Oil. She continued her research with Barton independently.

A prolific author, Ward-McLemore published several books, many of which are in the McDermott Library collection. During her lifetime she worked and did research in the Geological Information Library of Dallas, which was once located at the University of Texas at Dallas. When Ward-McLemore visited McDermott Library after her retirement, she experienced the professionalism, knowledge, and concern of the staff. An office was set aside for her where she continued her research. She was a generous lady and expressed her appreciation by establishing the Ethel Ward-McLemore Award of Excellence. Two deserving library employees have received the award, every year, since 1989.

Past McLemore Library Excellence Award Recipients

1989 Peggy Olson, Pat Rudkin
1990 Henry Reed, Peg Fawns
1991 Linda Snow, Sheila Blankenship
1992 Rick Biddenstadt, Vickie Bullock
1993 Jean Vik, Jane Heslep (Hoorman)
1994 Toni Huckaby, Lila Babcock
1995 Joan Aquatero, Nancy Whitt
1996 Allen Clayton, Darlene Ricketts
1997 Nancy Steele, Ellen Safley
1998 Patsy Aguilera, Lynn Butler
1999 Denyse Henery, Gaby Perkowski
2000 Jane Darling, Mary Caspari
2001 Debbie Montgomery, Shaun Proctor
2002 Ruth Oldham, Sharon Deal
2003 Fatiah Lambert, Debbie Gilbert
2004 Merry Trujillo, Loreen Phillips
2005 Tahmoures Elyasi, Mircea Grancea
2006 Mary Ann Harrison, Serenity King
2007 Carol McGee, Sue McInis
2008 Tom Koch, Carol Oshel
2009 Susie Kutchi, Jach Ross
2010 Abdullah Daud, Jennifer Gordon
2011 Michelle Sancen, Paul Oelkrug
2012 Misu Kim, Lauren Hawthorne
2013 Agnes Wallace, Jesse Davis
2014 Sharon Tadlock, DeAnn Hegi
2015 Kristen Palmiere, Carly Mitchell, Chris Edwards
2016 Brooke Johnson, Maria Balduf, Misty Hawley

2017 McLemore Committee Members

Chris Edwards   X2614   [email protected]
Carly Mitchell   X2956   [email protected]
Kristen Palmiere   X2593   [email protected]
Maria Balduf   X2953   [email protected]
Brooke Johnson   X2560   [email protected]