McDermott Library Technical Services Staff Takes on New Role as Reserves Coordinator

Brooke Johnson became hooked on libraries during college while working at the campus library at Dallas Christian College. Now the Dallas area native has spent nearly a decade at the Eugene McDermott Library. Johnson, who started at the McDermott Library in 2009 as an E-Resources Library Assistant, was promoted to Course Reserves Coordinator this month, a role she says perfectly fits her skills and interests.

“I like to do puzzles and organize things, so for me to be Reserves Coordinator is a good fit. When you’re dealing with all these pieces—ever-changing semesters, classes, professors, resources, technology—it can be a challenge getting things organized, but I am excited for the opportunity,” Johnson said.

As Reserves Coordinator, Johnson is responsible for managing the Library’s course reserves service, which includes helping faculty members provide access to required readings, both in print and electronic formats, for students taking their classes. This includes many Library resources such as books, journals, articles, book chapters and DVDs.

“I moved to cataloging in May and did that for four months. I really enjoyed it, but when this position opened up, I thought it was more me,” said Johnson. Johnson’s transition into the new position comes after Sylvia Johnson (no relation) retired in August 2017.

Although she pursued a double major in Bible and psychology in college, after graduation Johnson found herself drawn back into the academic library world. As fate would have it, as soon as she applied for a job at the McDermott Library, a position opened up and she was hired.

Tech-savvy and detail-oriented, Johnson is excited and enthusiastic about tackling this new role and is looking forward to building even more meaningful connections with UT Dallas faculty and staff.

When she’s not working, Johnson enjoys watercolor painting, swing dancing, reading, traveling, Tai Chi and playing games, both board and computer games.

Please join us in congratulating Johnson, who officially started her new Reserves Coordinator role on Oct. 2, 2017.

Page Last Updated: November 14, 2017