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Throughout the fall 2018 semester, the Eugene McDermott Library will be highlighting some of our amazing library staff in an ongoing series designed to help students, faculty and staff get to know the many faces of the library who are here to help you discover relevant, authoritative and scholarly resources.


Katie Robinson, Instruction Librarian

As a college student at Texas A&M University, Eugene McDermott Library Instruction Librarian Katie Robinson was law-school bound, but an internship at the university library sparked unexpected career aspirations.

“After my first day at the Texas A&M Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, I cancelled my law school application and started researching library schools,” Robinson said. “I had found my true calling.”

A San Antonio native, Robinson obtained her bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Classical Studies from Texas A&M and her master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences with an emphasis on Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management from Drexel University.

Robinson is the McDermott Library’s newest instruction librarian and began her position with UT Dallas’ library in April 2018. As an Instruction Librarian, Robinson assists students, faculty and staff who need help in the discovery and use of the library’s resources. She teaches library research courses and workshops, provides reference assistance at the Services Desk on the second floor of the library and through the library’s online chat service, designs and creates instructional methods and materials to support students of varying skills levels, participates in numerous Research Services team outreach activities and a number of other duties.

“Some days I am doing a lot of research to create a new workshop or revamp an old one. Other days, I am helping students find resources for their assignments. This fall, I am spending some of my days grading assignments for my BIS 3190 section,” Robinson said. (BIS 3190 is a one credit-hour course that teaches students library research skills, including how to identify what information is needed for their research and how to find and evaluate scholarly resources.)

Outside of work, Robinson enjoys making homemade jam. “My parents live near Fredericksburg, TX, so every year my mom brings me a big bag of Fredericksburg peaches that we use to make jams and pies,” she said.
She also collects rare and interesting books and multiple copies of the same book. Between this passion and her study of the Classics in college, Robinson has collected 14 versions of The Iliad. She also has a copy of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien in Latin.


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Instruction Librarian


Educational Background

BA in English, Texas A&M University; MS in Library and Information Sciences, Drexel University


My career at McDermott began in



What has your experience been like working at the McDermott Library?

I love working here. My coworkers are respectful, helpful and always fun to be around. The students are engaged and eager to learn and grow! Prior to coming here, I was a children’s librarian at the San Antonio Public Library Parman Branch for two years. I enjoyed it, but it’s just not where I was supposed to be. This job has been so fulfilling and I feel I am living up to my full potential. During school, I worked as the cataloging intern at the rare books and archives library. I loved that job, and anytime I get to go to the Special Collections or Aviation Collections areas here, the smell of acid-free folders takes me back.


What do you like best about your job and working at the McDermott Library?

My favorite part of the job is the variety. I do something different and help students with different topics every day! This keeps me on my toes, and I love it. My favorite part of the library is the curiosity that a lot of the students exhibit. The students seem to want to make the most of their time here at UTD. The most exciting part of my job, so far, has been communicating with hard-of-hearing students using American Sign Language (ASL) and writing on a piece of paper. I am going deaf in my left ear and have been learning ASL so that I can communicate once the hearing finally goes. This has opened so many doors for me when it comes to assisting students, and I plan to become a certified ASL interpreter by the end of 2019. I love being able to assist students who speak a different language and show them that all are welcome at McDermott!


Contact Robinson by email or phone: 972-883-2613.

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