UNT Awards Grant to Eugene McDermott Library to Digitize Historic Texas Philatelic Association’s Earliest Publications

Historic journals that were published by the Texas Philatelic Association (TPA) when stamps were just one cent and held at the Eugene McDermott Library will now be digitized and hosted online, thanks to a grant from the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.

The $1,000 grant is part of UNT’s “Rescuing Texas History Mini-Grant” program to preserve Texas history by digitizing Texas-related materials owned by Texas institutions such as libraries, museums and historical societies.

The award will cover digitization of about 1,100 pages from three magazines, The New Texas Philatelist, Stamp-it is and Lone Star State Philatelist that were published for the TPA’s membership between 1894 and 1949. The publications have been housed in the Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library, which is TPA’s official archive, located at The University of Texas at Dallas Eugene McDermott Special Collections and Archives Division since 2006.

“This collection constitutes a rare and irreplaceable source for collectors and researchers alike,” said Patrizia Nava, Curator of Aviation Archives. “Because the TPA was one of the first philatelic organizations established in Texas, these publications are an exceptional part of both the organizations’ and especially the state’s history that do not exist elsewhere in the United States.”

The primary function of the TPA, founded in 1896, is to encourage the collecting of stamps, research the history of the postal service, collect and distribute philatelic materials and provide financial assistance to authors and researchers through grants and scholarships.

After they are scanned, the TPA newsletters will be hosted on Treasures at UT Dallas and the Portal to Texas History at UNT.

Page Last Updated: September 8, 2017