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Fall 2012
Photograph of the 1999-2000 Lady Comets basketball team. Pictured (back row) unidentified assistants, Nikia Sourina (#13), Kristen Clement (#35), Katie Rostenbach (#55), Becky Fulin (#50), Stacye Hall (#42), Emily Weaks (#34), unidentified assistant, Rachelle Leonard (head coach). Front row: Amber Peterson (#44), Donnelle Love (#12), Brandi Saucedo (#00), Katie DeStefano (#24), MaToya Parker (#21), Cara Griffith (#23), Tiffany Weaks (#33).

Comet Athletics New Addition to Treasures

By Allen Clayton, PhD, Digital Projects Coordinator

More than 100 historic photos and publications from the early years of UT Dallas Comet athletics have been digitized and are available in Treasures. These are all unique items that cannot be found anywhere else. Included are team pictures of the first Comets men’s and women’s basketball and golf teams, programs from the first season of men’s and women’s basketball along with the team pictures. The 1999-2000 Comets women’s basketball team is pictured above. All items are visible in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics collection.

A new project, McDermott in the Mercury, will digitize several old editions of the Mercury that Tom Koch has collected. The editions we currently have are from the 1980s and include articles and pull out sections on the library. Enjoy some break time reading about issues such as expanding hours from 70 per week to 90 in the 1980s. There are also several pictures of the building and staff (some of whom are still with us).

The URL for this collection is Less than half of the originals have been digitized so check back often to see new items.

Faculty, alumni, students and staff are encouraged to submit items representing the research, scholarship and life of UT Dallas. Treasures accepts all kinds of scholarly research materials and content including, but not limited to, copies of manuscripts, working papers, technical reports, posters, presentations, datasets, artistic productions, animations, and more. Also desirable are materials that are important in the history and development of UTD. These would include, but are not limited to, pictures, programs, publications from events, conferences sponsored by UTD or held on campus, performances, competitions, awards etc.

Contact Allen Clayton for more details.

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