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Spring 2012

Discover is Coming …

By Iryna Shevchuk and Sanjan Rahman

Starting this summer, the library will again offer a “one-stop” search tool called Discover. This tool will provide a “Google-like” search experience: a single search will compile results from across all library resources simultaneously. Thus, when a student has to write a paper on a specific subject, he or she will be able to "discover" books, journal articles, and digital objects - such as images or media items - all in one comprehensive search results list.

relevance ranking and faceted navigation will help users focus their search and quickly zero in on the most relevant results. The navigation facets will include refinement by Resource Type (books, articles, reviews, etc.); Collection; Publication Date; Language; Topic; and Journal Title.

Each search result will have a user-friendly layout that allows faster access to full-text materials and digitized resources.

The Discover search tool box will allow the user to shape the search as needed. By using tabs or a drop-down menu, researchers can limit their results in several ways:

  • Everything - Search all library resources.
  • Articles – Search only for articles from the library’s databases.
  • Library Catalog – Search only library online catalog records.
  • Library Treasures – Search for items primarily from Special Collections.

In addition, an Advanced Search option will allow even more detailed and tailored searching.

Because they are so comprehensive, the results in the Discover interface - presented in a single list - may initially look overwhelming. However, sophisticated features such as

Information about item availability, full text option and icons will help users quickly identify what they are looking for. If the library does not have the desired materials or the item is already in use, there will be a request option.

Other exciting new features in Discover are Recommendations and the e-Shelf. Recommendations will display search results of other users who were interested in the same article. The e-Shelf will provide users with the ability to save search queries and request notifications by email or via RSS.

Look for the Discover search box on the home page of the Library’s website. It will be located on the right side of the sidebar.

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