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The Jewish Question: Records from the Berlin Document Center This collection comprises documents from a wide variety of sources, including the Gestapo, local police and government offices, Reich ministries, businesses, and others, pertaining to Jewish communities. These records are organized into various subcollections, such as Archiv Schumacher, Streicher, Hans Frank, Hauptarchiv der NSDAP, Geschaedigte Juden, and Ordner, as well as folders, and include newspaper clippings, letters, manuscripts, pamphlets, reports and other documents originating with the Sturmabteilung -SA, Schutzstaffel- SS, Gestapo, Reich Ministry of Justice, and Reichskulturkammer -RKK, Reich Chamber of Culture from 1920- 1945.
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Journal Citation ReportsJournal Citation Reports provides a way to statistically evaluate highly relevant journals in the social sciences and sciences. Known for the Impact factor of a journal within a subject.
Available 1997 – present.
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Offers unique access to scholarly journals in a wide array of subjects: the arts, history, philosophy, business, ecology and botany, general science, language and literature, and music. All of its journals are archival: that is, complete, unbroken runs of a majority of the titles are available, except for a "moving wall" of the last 3 to 5 years. High-resolution images (.pdf files) of all the original documents make this an exceptional resource. One can search journals, browse titles in alphabetical order or by discipline , or see the Detailed Lists of titles for coverage dates, previous titles, publishers, and ISSNs. Coverage spans as far back as 1665 for a total of over 320 titles.
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