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Database Name Description
Social Issues POWERSEARCHSearches the following databases simultaneously: Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts,   Sociological Abstracts,   Worldwide Political Science Abstracts,   Social Services Abstracts,  and   PAIS International.  How to Search This Database
SCOPUSSCOPUS covers topics in health, life sciences, agricultural and biological sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, earth and environmental sciences, social science, psychology, and economics, business, and management.  How to Search This Database
CQ Electronic Library
(political science)
Created by CQ Press, the CQ Electronic Library is an excellent resource for research in American government, politics, public policy, and current affairs and searches the online versions of CQ's periodicals and reference publications. Coverage spans 1983 to the present.  How to Search This Database
ProQuest Congressional
(before LexisNexis Congressional)
Provides access to the publications of the United States Congress from 1970 to the present including Congressional committee hearings and reports, the Congressional Record, the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register, bill texts, and legislative histories for Public Laws. Online full-text availability for these documents covers 1989 to the present. This database provides access to McDermott Library¬ís U.S. Serial Set collection on microfilm.   How to Search This Database
Political Handbook of the World provides information on the major aspects of each country's government and political party system. Each country profiles include: key facts; government and political history; current Issues: political parties and organizations; legislatures and cabinets; communications.  How to Search This Database
Lexis-Nexis is an index to a wide variety of local, state, national, and international newspapers. Lexis-Nexis also contains business and industry newspapers, company information, SEC filings and reports, and accounting literature. The legal research section of Lexis-Nexis contains federal and state court decisions, federal and state codes, and articles from law reviews. How to Search This Database
Social Sciences Citation Index is a multidisciplinary index with searchable author abstracts, covering thousands of journals in 50 social science disciplines (anthropology, economics, geography, law, political science, psychology, sociology, etc.) Coverage begins in 1900 and continues to the present.
Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL)The HSDL collection provides quick access to important U.S. policy documents, presidential directives, and national strategy documents as well as specialized resources such as theses and reports from various universities, organizations and local and state agencies. The resources are reviewed and selected by a team of homeland security researchers.  How to Search This Database
MetaLibMetaLib is a database that searches multiple U.S. Federal government databases, retrieving reports, articles, and citations while providing direct links to selected resources available online. To learn more, view additional brief or detailed search information. MetaLib provides you with the tools to save results on an E-shelf or on a disk.
GreenFILE (environment)GreenFILE offers well-researched information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more.  How to Search This Database
(multilingual, multidisciplinary)
This multilingual, multidisciplinary database is especially useful for the humanities and social sciences. Francis covers thousands of journals, books, and conference papers in many languages. How to Search This Database
Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) HAPI is a source of information about Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean basin, the United States-Mexico border region, and Hispanics in the United States.  From analyses of current political, economic, and social issues to unique coverage of Latin American arts and letters, HAPI contains citations to journal articles, book reviews, documents, original literary works, and other materials appearing in hundreds of social science and humanities journals published throughout the world.
A to Z Maps Online This database features 146,000 maps on multidisciplinary subjects such as politics, geology, the environment, biology, and history.  It includes climate change maps,  hurricane maps, earthquake maps, volcano maps, fire maps, animal and plant species distribution maps, current event maps, political outline maps, and topographic maps. All these maps can be printed or downloaded for educational use.
SAGE Research Methods OnlineSage Research Methods Online (SRMO) - a comprehensive source for gathering information and assistance on research methodology, from basic terminology to complex interactive maps depicting the relationships among different types of research methods. Access hundreds of online handbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias; the entire "Little Green Book" and "Little Blue Book" series; journal articles; and instructional videos. Includes links to free statistical software, directories of research organizations, information on research ethics, and social networking sites for academics.  
Video Tutorials and Guides for Students and Faculty to help with research projects.
Government Finance Statistics (GFS)The Government Finance Statistics (GFS) database is an online service of the International Monetary Fund. GFS Online contains detailed annual statistical data – from 1990 forward – on revenues, expenses, transactions in assets and liabilities, and stocks of assets and liabilities of general government and its subsectors as reported by member countries. The Web interface allows users to browse the database, select series of interest, display the selected series in a spreadsheet format, and save the selected series for transfer to other software systems such as Microsoft Excel®.  How to Search This Database
iPOLL Public Opinion DatabankThe iPOLL Databank is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for US public opinion data. iPOLL datasets include over 500,000 Q & As dating from 1935 to the present. Data is drawn from academic, commercial, and media polls conducted by over 150 US survey firms, on topics ranging from economic issues, politics, and elected officials to health, lifestyles, and social issues. iPOLL is updated daily.
Historical Statistics of the United States Historical Statistics of the United States is the principle source for quantitative indicators of American history. Previously published as a two volume set, this expanded online edition contains considerably more information than its printed hardback predecessor, including twice as many pages of data and documentation and a tripling of the number of data series -37,339 in the new online edition. Previously including data on population, work and welfare, economics, and other government collected data, more than a dozen new topics have been added such as American Indians, slavery, poverty, nonprofit organizations, and data on the Confederate States of America. Also, the chapters in the new online edition are preceded by essays that introduce the quantitative history of their subject, provide a guide to the sources, and offer expert advice on the reliability of the data and the limits that might be placed on their interpretation. More than eighty scholars contributed their efforts and expertise to assemble and document the data and to write the introductory essays. The data are readily available for charting, or statistical analysis, or regrouping across tables.
The Economist
Historical Archive 1842-2006
Full-text content of more than 8,000 issues of the weekly news magazine, The Economist, which presents the world's political, business, scientific, technological, and cultural developments and the connections between them. Each issue of this editorially-rich publication is fully searchable, and includes full-color images, exportable financial tables, and a gallery of front covers highlighting a key topic of each week. The many Supplements, Special Reports and Surveys which appear regularly in The Economist are also included as part of the archive.
The Documentary History of the Ratification of the ConstitutionOriginally published in print form as a 28 volume landmark collection of historical scholarship, The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution is now available in online form and traces the Constitution's progress from Philadelphia through each of state ratifying conventions. Including not only the official records of the conventions, The Documentary History also includes notes and commentaries about the Constitution published during and after ratification. The database can be searched by keywords, personal name, state, and date range. Alphabetical indexes are also available.
CQ's Politics in AmericaPolitics in America offers comprehensive, nonpartisan commentary and data about members of Congress. Detailed member profiles provide insight and analysis through biographical data, committee assignments, election results and contact data, as well as legislative agendas, political ambitions and reputation.
Collection of primary-source full-text philosophy databases. Past Masters titles are usually comprised of the complete works of an individual author, and can include diaries, letters and correspondence. A list of available collections is available in the "Select a Title" box. UTD does not currently have a subscription to the POEISIS journal collection.  
Digital National Security Archive (foreign policy)ProQuest's Digital National Security Archive online contains a large collection of primary documents on U.S. foreign and military policy since 1945. It includes more than 94,000 important, declassified documents that led to U.S. policy decisions organized into 44 different collection areas. The documents cover the following areas: Afghanistan, 1973-1990; the Berlin Crisis, 1958-1962; China, 1960-1998; the Cuban Missile Crisis, Guatemala, 1954-1999; El Salvador, 1977-1994; Iran, 1977-1980; the Iran-Contra Affair, 1983-1988; Iraq, 1980-1994; Japan, 1960-1992; Chile, 1970-1990; Columbia, 1948-2010; the two Koreas, 1969-2000; the post 9/11 world; Peru, 1980-2000; the Kissinger telephone conversations, 1969-1977; weapons of mass destruction; and other collections on the organization and operations of the U.S. intelligence community.
Eighteenth Century Collections OnlineProvide access to digital images of every page of 150,000 books published during the 18th Century. With full-text searching of approximately 26 million pages, the product allows researchers new methods of access to critical information in the fields of history, literature, religion, law, fine arts, science and more.  How to Search This Database
This database features the full text of thousands of books on economics and business and hundreds of pre-1906 serials from the Goldsmiths Library at the University of London and the Kress Library at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. Published between 1460 and 1914, the books comprise the most comprehensive collection in existence for the study of world history, political science, philosophy, business, economics, law, and women's studies.   
Census 2000The database has United States Census 2000 data. It has following restrictions:
  • Requires LOGIN and PASSWORD
  • Password cannot be released over the phone
  • Please come to McDermott Library Reference desk and show your ID to get the LOGIN and PASSWORD
Statesman's Year BookThe Statesman's Yearbook online contains the full-text of the current print edition, including Fact Sheets on topics including world population development, largest urban agglomerations, news media, crime and health, and economic overviews for every country in the world.

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