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On August 1, 2015 the WestLaw Campus Research is being retired.
Campus Research provides access to a comprehensive collection of news, business, and law-related resources. The Law section contains federal and state case law, the U.S. Code Annotated, the Code of Federal Regulations, American Jurisprudence 2d, American Law Reports, some law materials from the European Union, and content from over 800 law reviews and journals.
WestlawNext allows customers to search without first identifying which Westlaw product they want to look through. Customers no longer have to know where the answer is before entering their search. Once a search is entered, the WestlawNext displays a faceted search result that allows searchers to jump directly to a particular kind of document.  How to Search This Database
Lexis-Nexis is an index to a wide variety of local, state, national, and international newspapers. Lexis-Nexis also contains business and industry newspapers, company information, SEC filings and reports, and accounting literature. The legal research section of Lexis-Nexis contains federal and state court decisions, federal and state codes, and articles from law reviews. How to Search This Database
Legal POWERSEARCHSearches the following databases simultaneously: Academic Search Complete, Essay & General Literature Index, Legal Collection.  How to Search This Database
CCH State & Federal Employment Law CompareAllows the direct comparison of state and federal employment law, including law cases, federal and state regulations, and government rulings. It also provides links to summaries or full text of state laws and highlights recent changes. Results can be printed or exported to Microsoft Word or Excel.

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