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General James “Jimmy” H. Doolittle Archives

James Harold “Jimmy” Doolittle (1896-1993) played a major role in the development of commercial and military aviation in America. He pioneered the concept of blind flying, landing a plane with an entirely blacked out cockpit using only its instruments. He set speed records in both land and seaplane races, as well as advocated for the creation of a higher octane grade of gasoline for use in aircraft to increase performance. In World War II he led a daring, aircraft carrier launched bombing raid on the Japanese Home Islands in April of 1942, then went on to command the 8th, 12th, and 15th air forces. Away from the world of aviation, Doolittle was a prolific speaker, as well as a big game hunter and humanitarian.

The University of Texas at Dallas History of Aviation Collection’s James H. Doolittle Archives contains: The James H. Doolittle Papers, a collection of personal papers, speeches, and photographs spanning Doolittle’s life both pre and post-World War II; The Doolittle Raiders Association Papers, pertaining to the organization established by the men who participated in the Doolittle Raid, collecting both their business and historical correspondence, as well as information about the annual reunion held to commemorate the Doolittle Raid; and material donated from three of the Tokyo Raiders, William L. Birch, Richard Cole, and Joseph Manske.

The curator for the James H. Doolittle Archives is Carroll V. Glines (USAF Ret.), Doolittle’s biographer and official historian of the Doolittle Raiders.

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James H. Doolittle Papers

Doolittle Raiders Association Papers (Updated in 2012)

William L. Birch Papers

Richard E. Cole Collection

Joseph W. Manske Collection