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Special Collections Department, History of Aviation Collection
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Higham, Robin D.S., Mr., (Robin David Steward), 1925-
Robin Higham Papers
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1970-1995
Date [inclusive]
13.4 Linear feet (Six manuscript boxes, three non-standard boxes (18x14x2), one non-standard box (22x15x2), one non-standard box (15x12x3), one non-standard box (19.5x25.5x2.5), and one roll storage box (30x5x5).


Robin Higham Papers, Document name or type, Folder number, Box number, Series number, History of Aviation Collection, Special Collections Department, Eugene McDermott Library, The University of Texas at Dallas.

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Special Collections Department, History of Aviation Collection 20 August 2010

800 West Campbell Road, MC33
Richardson, TX, 75080-3021
[email protected]

Access Restrictions

This material is open for research.

Literary Rights Statement

Permission to publish material from this collection in any form, current or future, must be obtained from the Special Collections Department, Eugene McDermott Library, The University of Texas at Dallas.

Provenance Statement

The Robin Higham Papers were donated to the History of Aviation Collection, Special Collections Department, Eugene McDermott Library, The University of Texas at Dallas, by Robin Higham in multiple accessions from July 2001 through April 2008.

Note to the Researcher

The Robin Higham Papers as described herein were prepared by Gay Orczy-Barstow. It is presumed that the materials remained in original order. The materials in this collection are in good condition.

Photographs in Series II. Images have been interleaved in folders with acid-free paper or placed in archival polypropylene sleeves, depending on their size. Very large, single folders containing photographs were subsequently divided into several smaller folders to expedite searches for specific photographs and for better storage. For example, one large folder containing Boeing aircraft photographs was divided into nine smaller folders containing photographs of Boeing aircraft by aircraft type/mission. It should also be noted that the negatives in Series II. Images are those from which photographs found in the same series were produced.

All memorabilia and oversize items are stored in archival non-standard boxes or roll storage boxes.

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Controlled Access Headings

Personal Name(s)

  • Higham, Robin D.S., Mr., (Robin David Steward), 1925-


  • History of Aviation Collection

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Biographical Sketch

Born in London on 20 June 1925, Robin David Steward Higham, the only son of Margaret Anne Stewart and David Higham, an American mother and British father, made visits to the United States with his mother to visit her relatives in Texas and Oklahoma in 1929 and again in 1935. Higham’s mother, born in Baxter Springs, Kansas, and a graduate of the University of Kansas, read extensively and loved to travel. His father, an Oxford graduate, was a successful literary agent in London. Margaret and David met in Constantinople and were married in England in 1923. Higham lived in England until he was 15. He married Barbara Davies 5 August 1950, with whom he had one son and three daughters. In 1954, Higham became a naturalized United States citizen.

Robin Higham received his A.B. cum laude at Harvard in 1950, his M.A. at the Claremont Graduate School in 1953, and his Ph.D. at Harvard in 1957.

An educator, Higham was an instructor at the University of Massachusetts from 1954-1957, an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina from 1957-1963, and a Professor of History at Kansas State University beginning in 1963. His career at Kansas State University spanned from 1963-1999.

In a 1998 interview, Higham described himself as a “generalist partly because I have taught 29 different history courses in a wide variety of fields and because what I have written and edited cuts across a good many fields besides aviation, including the impact of technology and warfare on history.” He continued, “I am lucky to have been at Kansas State University, where I could be a historical generalist while teaching undergraduate and graduate students. As a historical generalist who looks at big problems to see how they have been handled, the entire past of humanity interests me.”

Robin Higham was also a prolific writer and editor, having authored and edited 123 works in 282 publications in 6 languages, all of which focus on aviation, military, and geo-political subjects. From the late 1960’s through the 1980’s, he was the editor and co-publisher of several journals including Journal of the West,  Military Affairs, and  Aerospace Historian. In 1977, Higham became the founder and president of Sunflower University Press which published military history books until its closing in 2005.

Recognized as a leading aviation and military historian, Higham held memberships in several aviation and military history organizations. Honors include Social Science Research Council National Security Policy Research Fellow, 1960-1961; Victor Gondos Award, 1983; Samuel Eliot Morison Award, 1986; American Military Institute; and Kansas Governor’s Aviation Honor Award, 2000.

Higham resides in Manhattan, Kansas.

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Scope and Content

The Robin Higham Papers contain documents, manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia and other items collected by Higham, a noted historian and author, primarily during the period of his tenure at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. During this period, Higham was not only an educator, but was active as an editor and publisher. The collection is housed in six manuscript boxes and seven non-standard (oversize) boxes of varying sizes totaling 13.4 linear feet.

Noteworthy items in this collection include an extensive number of photographs of Golden Age aircraft and manuscripts by Robin Higham and R.E.G. Davies, both noted aviation historians and authors.

The collection is in good condition, and original order is presumed to have been preserved. It consists of three series.

The first series, Aviation, is further organized into five subseries: 1. Correspondence and Personal Papers, 2. Aerospace, 3. Airlines, 4. Documents, and 5. Publications.

Subseries 1. Contains personal papers and correspondence from the period of Higham's tenure at Kansas State University and as a publisher/editor, arranged chronologically.

Subseries 2. Contains documents pertaining to the jet era and space age, arranged alphabetically by topic.

Subseries 3. Contains documents produced by various airlines and pilots' organizations, arranged alphabetically by airline or organization name.

Subseries 4. Contains aircraft manufacturers' documents, maps, museum information, research notes, and manuscripts, arranged alphabetically by type of document, then by topic name.

Subseries 5. Contains airline publications, articles and clippings, booklets and brochures, manufacturers' publications, organization newsletters, and periodicals, all arranged alphabetically.

The second series, Images, is further organized into four subseries: 1. Drawings, 2. Negatives, 3. Photographs, and 4. Slides.

Subseries 1. Contains drawings from the United Airlines Collector's Series and other miscellaneous drawings.

Subseries 2. Contains negatives depicting aircraft and the Buffalo Field (New York) Airport.

Subseries 3. Contains photographs of aircraft, military installations, museums and aircraft collections, personalities, and other photographs, all arranged alphabetically by manufacturers' names or topic.

Subseries 4. Contains slides taken at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois.

The third series, Memorabilia, is further organized into three subseries: 1. Neckties, 2. Artifacts, and 3. Documents.

Subseries 1. Contains a collection of neckties, all with aviation-related themes and depictions.

Subseries 2. Contains personal items collected by Higham and an award/plaque presented to him.

Subseries 3. Contains printed materials from airlines, aviation events, maps, a calendar, and newspapers and articles.

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Series Description

The Robin Higham Papers are arranged in three series:

Series I. Aviation 1.6 linear ft. (four manuscript boxes), 1915-1995.

Arranged in five subseries: 1. Correspondence and Personal Papers; 2. Aerospace; 3. Airlines; 4. Documents; and 5. Publications.

Subseries 1. Correspondence and Personal Papers 0.02 linear ft. (two folders in box 1), 1961-1991.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Subseries 2. Aerospace 0.1 linear ft. (six folders in box 1), 1963-1975.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Subseries 3. Airlines 0.5 linear ft. (seventeen folders in box 1 and ten folders in box 2), 1917-1997.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Subseries 4. Documents 0.3 linear ft. (eight folders in box 2 and 5 folders in box 3), 1915-1993.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Subseries 5. Publications 0.7 linear ft. (seventeen folders in box 3 and box 4), 1938-1995.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Series II. Images 0.8 linear ft. (two manuscript boxes), 1924-2000.

Arranged in four subseries: 1. Drawings; 2. Negatives; 3. Photographs; and 4. Slides.

Subseries 1. Drawings 0.03 linear ft. (two folders in box 5), 1973-1997.

Arranged by topic.

Subseries 2. Negatives 0.03 linear ft. (two folders in box 5), Undated.

Arranged in original order.

Subseries 3. Photographs 0.73 linear ft. (seventeen folders in box 5 and thirty-three folders in box 6), 1924-2000.

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Subseries 4. Slides 0.01 linear ft. (one folder in box 6), Circa 1980's.

Arranged in original order.

Series III. Memorabilia 11.0 linear ft. (six non-standard boxes and one roll storage box), 1917-1989.

Arranged in three subseries: 1. Neckties; 2. Artifacts; 3. Documents.

Subseries 1. Neckties 1.8 linear ft. (one 22x15x2 non-standard box), Undated.

Arranged in original order.

Subseries 2. Artifacts 3.6 linear ft. (three 18x14x2 non-standard boxes), 1917-1997.

Arranged by size.

Subseries 3. Documents 5.6. linear ft. (one 12x15x3 non-standard box, one 19.5x25.5x2.5 non-standard box, and one 30x5x5 roll storage box), 1941-1989.

Arranged in original order.

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Related Materials

Additional Sources

Additional repositories of Robin Higham materials are located at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, and Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

The Kansas State University repository consists of records of several journals for which Higham once served as editor, correspondence with other notable historians, and records and manuscripts from Sunflower Press, for which he served as president. The papers also document his activities in many national and international professional organizations and conferences in the field of military history.

The Duke University repository consists of 10 scrapbooks, the contents of which include images and press clippings, largely featuring German, British, and U.S. aircraft from WWII. One scrapbook contains images of ships. All contents are presumed to have been cut out of newspapers and periodicals. Dr. Higham donated the scrapbooks to the Duke Manuscripts Department in 1963.

Books and Magazines

Books and magazines were pulled and catalogued to be included into the HAC monograph and magazine stacks.

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Image ID

It is the researcher's responsibility to secure permission from copyright holders of materials to which this institution does not own copyright.

Images in this collection are identified by a unique number that provides information about the format, record group, collection, series, box, folder, and image numbers. Please use this number when ordering reproductions of images from this collection.

Record Group Code

1 = CAT/Air American Archives

2 = Doolittle Archives

3 = Lighter than Air Archives

4 = George H. Williams, Jr., World War I Aviation Library

5 = History of Aviation Archives

6 = University Archives

7 = HAC Stacks

8 = WPRL Stacks

9 = Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Collection

10 = Belsterling Collection

11 = Closed Stacks

12 = Unidentified

13 = Chance Vought Archives

14 = Twirly Birds Archives

Image Format Code

P = Photograph/Postcard

S = Slide

N = Negative

T = Positive Transparency

B = Black and White

C = Color

Example : 5RH-1-1-PC1

5 = History of Aviation Archives (HAC)

RH = Robin Higham Papers

= Series Number

1 = Box Number

1 = Folder Number

P = Photograph/Postcard

C = Color

1 = Image Number

Images archived in plastic image holders may also have a location code in the format: 1/TL. In this example, the number is the sheet number and the letters indicate the top left position on the sheet. Position indicators are T = top, L = left, R = right, M = middle, and B = bottom. Position indicators may be combined to describe the position on the sheet, as shown in this example.

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Aviation 

Subseries 1. Correspondence and Personal Papers 

Correspondence. 1961-1991   Correspondence and enclosed materials referenced in the correspondence retained by Robin Higham, primarily from the period during which he was editor of "Aerospace Historian."

    Box Folder
Text   1 1

Personal Papers. Undated   Awards, certificates, and book jackets.

    Box Folder
Text   1 2

Subseries 2. Aerospace 

Aerospace. A Financial Times Survey. 1963 June 10   Periodical emphasizing British contributions to space exploration, aircraft manufacturing, and civil aviation.

    Box Folder
Text   1 3

Aerospace Perspectives. 1972-1975   Three issues of the monthly periodical depicting news of the United States' high technology industry.

    Box Folder
Text   1 4

Aerospace. 1967-1975   Five issues of two different periodicals of the same title: three issues of "Aerospace, Official Publication of the AIA," and two issues of "Aerospace, The Royal Aeronautical Society."

    Box Folder
Text   1 5

Aerospace Newsletters. 1973-1974   Four issues of the monthly newsletter of The Royal Aeronautical Society.

    Box Folder
Text   1 6

Civil Aviation and Research. 1972 September   Report of the Subcommittee on Aeronautics and Space Technology of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, U.S. House of Representatives.

    Box Folder
Text   1 7

SPS (Standard Pressed Steel) Technologies. Undated   Two-pocket folder containing SPS Technologies product literature.

    Box Folder
Text   1 8

Subseries 3. Airlines 

Air Line Pilot. 1972-1975   Three issues of this periodical published for professional flight crews: 1992 December, 1974 July, and 1975 October.

    Box Folder
Text   1 9

Allegheny. 1974 September   "Flightime," the periodical of the Allegheny Air System.

    Box Folder
Text   1 10

American Airlines. Undated   Passenger brochure depicting "International Airport Services."

    Box Folder
Text   1 11

B.O.A.C. 1964-1973   21 June 1973 issue of "B.O.A.C. Aviation News Digest newsletter; 1964 June and 1967 January issues of "B.O.A.C. Review" periodical; and 5RH-1-12-PB1, Boeing 707 (G-APFE) in B.O.A.C. livery.

    Box Folder
Mixed materials   1 12

Braniff. 1975   Vol. 4, Number 5, "Braniff Place, International Travel Magazine."

    Box Folder
Text   1 13

British Airways. 1973-1975   1973 July issue of "British Airways News" newspaper; eight "British Airways Aviation News Digest" newsletters, 22 August 1974 through 31 July 1975 (non-inclusive.)

    Box Folder
Text   1 14

Eastern Air Lines. 1951 June   5RH-1-15-PB1 Richard "Dick" Merrill, Chief Pilot, clippings and report of the inaugural Eastern Air Lines flight between Chicago and San Juan.

    Box Folder
Text   1 15

Frontier Airlines. 1974   Two periodicals: General Store and Frontier Magazine.

    Box Folder
Text   1 16

General Electric Aircraft Equipment Division. 1970 July   Brochure, "Once Upon a Molecule," depicting the microelectronic work of this G.E. division.

    Box Folder
Text   1 17

Pan American, Part 1. Images. 1928-1970   5RH-1-18-PB1 through 5RH-1-18-PB3 Pan Am's 1928 inaugural flight from Key West, Florida, to Havana, Cuba, with related documentation; photocopy of invitation to reception for Pan Am's 1949 inaugural flight between Hawaii and the Mainland; Talbert Abrams' schedule as the first around-the-world passenger by jet; 5RH-1-18-PB4 Pan American World Airlines Douglas DC-6B; 5RH-1-18-PB5 through 5RH-1-18-PB7 Pan Am's jet fleet.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   1 18

Pan American, Part 2, Images. Circa 1965   5RH-1-19-PB1 through 5RH-1-19-PB5 Pan Am's jet cargo capabilities and facilities with accompanying caption pages.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   1 19

Pan American, Jet Air Cargo. Circa 1960s   Six Pan Am press releases depicting the airline's air cargo capabilities in the jet age.

    Box Folder
Text   1 20

Pan American, Historical Document. 1917   1917 document "Basic Piloting Advice" from French School of Combat.

    Box Folder
Text   1 21

Pan American, Fairchild Aircraft. 1959 March 5   Comptroller's records of Fairchild aircraft delivered to Pan Am.

    Box Folder
Text   1 22

Pan American, Flight Reports. 1927-1928   Three reports of Pan Am's first flights from Key West, Florida, to Havana, Cuba.

    Box Folder
Text   1 23

Pan American, Correspondence and Documents. 1928-1971   Historian's research pertaining to St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line and Panagra.

    Box Folder
Text   1 24

Pan American, Inaugural Flights. 1958-1970   Documents and photocopies of inaugural flight covers.

    Box Folder
Text   1 25

Pan American, Crew and Passenger Lists. 1931-1955   Crew and passenger lists for significant Pan Am flights.

    Box Folder
Text   2 1

Pan American, Press Releases. Circa 1960s   Typed press releases depicting Pan Am services and operations.

    Box Folder
Text   2 2

Pan American, Round-the-World Flights. 1959   List of round-the-world flights culminating with Pan Am's flights in 1959; map of 1959 flight.

    Box Folder
Text   2 3

Pan American, Clippings. 1931-1970   Newspaper and periodical clippings pertinant to Pan Am.

    Box Folder
Text   2 4

TWA, Brochures. Circa 1970s   Two brochures depicting proper customer service; DC-9 brochure; periodical clipping.

    Box Folder
Text   2 5

TWA, In-flight Magazine 1971-1975   Four issues of the "TWA Ambassador" in-flight magazine.

    Box Folder
Text   2 6

TWA, Clipped Wings International. 1991 January   66 page soft cover book depicting the organization's history and 50th anniversary.

    Box Folder
Text   2 7

TWA, TARPA, Part 1. 1991-1992   The Active Retired Pilots Association of TWA Membership Directory, By-Laws, and Policies.

    Box Folder
Text   2 8

TWA, TARPA, Part 2. 1993-1994   Membership Directory, By-Laws, and Policies.

    Box Folder
Text   2 9

TWA, TARPA, Part 3. 1996-1997   Membership Directory, By-Laws, and Policies, membership list.

    Box Folder
Text   2 10

Subseries 4. Documents 

Manufacturers, Boeing. 1969 May 5   News release conveying general background information.

    Box Folder
Text   2 11

Manufacturers, Lockheed, Part 1. 1953 December   The Lockheed Story, "Aviation's Golden Years."

    Box Folder
Text   2 12

Manufacturers, Lockheed, Part 2. 1983-1987   Two news releases.

    Box Folder
Text   2 13

Manufacturers, McDonnell Douglas. 1989   Illustrated appointment calendar.

    Box Folder
Mixed materials   2 14

Maps, System. Undated   System maps for American, United, and Western air lines.

    Box Folder
Maps   2 15

Maps, WWII, Pacific. 1944   "Captain Bryan's Pacific War Atlas."

    Box Folder
Maps   2 16

Museums. Undated   Brochures from the Cradle of Aviation Museum and The International Space Hall of Fame.

    Box Folder
Text   2 17

Notes, Research. Undated   Handwritten notes, correspondence, and the 5 April 1985 "Northwest Airlifter" newsletter.

    Box Folder
Text   2 18

Manuscripts, Davies, R.E.G. 1993   Part 1, "Commuter Airlines of the United States."

    Box Folder
Text   3 1

Manuscripts, Davies, R.E.G. 1993   Part 2, "Commuter Airlines of the United States."

    Box Folder
Text   3 2

Manuscripts, Higham, Robin. 1968 February 20   Manuscript outline proposal for "A History of Air Power."

    Box Folder
Text   3 3

Manuscripts, North, J.D. 1959 July 29   "Some Observations on the Teaching of Aircraft Economics."

    Box Folder
Text   3 4

Manuscripts, Sueter, Murray F. 1915 February 1   "Report on the Present Position as Regards Possible Zeppelin Attacks on London."

    Box Folder
Text   3 5

Subseries 5. Publications 

Airlines, British Airways News. 1973 July 

    Box Folder
Text   3 6

Airlines, British Caledonian Airways. 1987   Summer 1987 and Autumn 1987 issues of "World of Business Travel" magazine; miscellaneous passenger brochures and correspondence.

    Box Folder
Text   3 7

Airlines, B.O.A.C. 1963-1968   1965 December and 1966 March issues of "B.O.A.C. Review;" 1968 May press release; "This is B.O.A.C.- Cunard" booklet.

    Box Folder
Text   3 8

Airlines, Eastern Air Lines. 1988   Travel documents for Robin Higham.

    Box Folder
Text   3 9

Airlines, Timetables. 1991-1995   31 July 1991 Lufthansa; 15 January 1995 Southwest Airlines.

    Box Folder
Text   3 10

Annual Report, The Aerospace Corporation. 1972-1986   Two annual reports and undated press release.

    Box Folder
Text   3 11

Annual Report, American Airlines. 1975 

    Box Folder
Text   3 12

Annual Report, Sperry Rand Corporation. 1973 March 31 

    Box Folder
Text   3 13

Articles and Clippings, Part 1. 1966-1975   Extracts depicting varying topics from newspapers, books, and periodicals.

    Box Folder
Text   3 14

Articles and Clippings, Part 2. 1959-1985   Extracts depicting varying topics from newspapers, books, and periodicals.

    Box Folder
Text   3 15

Articles and Clippings, Part 3. 1967-1969   Newspaper articles depicting the Vietnam War.

    Box Folder
Text   3 16

Booklet, Action Against Aircraft Noise. 1969 July   A Board of Trade publication.

    Box Folder
Text   3 17

Booklet, Air France. 1955 May 12   "Commémoration du XXV Anniversaire du Premier Service Aérien Transatlantique Sud."

    Box Folder
Text   3 18

Booklet, Air Hijacking: An International Perspective. 1971 November   Published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

    Box Folder
Text   3 19

Booklet, American Airlines. 1966 July 1   "Flight Dept. 1967 Plan."

    Box Folder
Text   3 20

Booklet, Aviation Safety. 1969   Publication of The Brookings Institution. Gary Fromm, author.

    Box Folder
Text   3 21

Booklet, Financial Problems of the American Aircraft Industry, 1906-1940. 1965 Spring   Reprinted from "The Business History Review." John B. Rae, author.

    Box Folder
Text   3 22

Booklet, Government Publications. 1961-1968   Five booklets published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office depicting topics pertaining to aeronautics, transportation, and meteorology, and technology.

    Box Folder
Text   4 1

Booklet, Tomorrow's Weather...Today. Undated.   Prepared by The Travelers Insurance Companies.

    Box Folder
Text   4 2

Booklet, The United States Strategic Bombing Survey. Circa 1975   Garland Publishing, Inc. depiction of the ten volume set.

    Box Folder
Text   4 3

Brochure, World War I Aero Bookshop. Undated   Catalog 12.

    Box Folder
Text   4 4

Manufacturers, Boeing, Part 1. 1963 January   "Pedigree of Champions, Boeing Since 1916;" "The Boeing 747 Advanced Tanker," and "The Boeing 747 Freighter."

    Box Folder
Text   4 5

Manufacturers, Boeing, Part 2. 1958-1962   "Capabilities and Features of the KC-135 Tanker/Transport," "KC-135 Tactical Air Command Tanker," "C-135," and "Mission and Milestones" (Boeing Vertol Division.)

    Box Folder
Text   4 6

Manufacturers, Boeing, Part 3. 1986   "Boeing Aerospace Company, Where Vision Leads."

    Box Folder
Text   4 7

Manufacturers, Convair. Undated   Photo release (BT-13's and BT-15's.)

    Box Folder
Text   4 8

Manufacturers, Douglas. 1938 December   "The Airview Magazine."

    Box Folder
Text   4 9

Manufacturers, Fairchild. Undated   "Some Papers of Count Caproni di Taliedo, 'Controversy in the Making?'."

    Box Folder
Text   4 10

Manufacturers, McDonnell Douglas. Circa 1978   "F/A-18 Hornet, The Evolution of Excellence," and F/A-18 Hornet multi-view drawings.

    Box Folder
Text   4 11

Manufacturers, Stresskin Products Company. Undated   "The Magic of Stresskin, Tomorrow's Metal in Today's World."

    Box Folder
Text   4 12

Manufacturers, Vickers-Armstrong Aircraft, Ltd., Part 1. Undated   Brochure depicting captioned images of Vickers-Armstrongs' historic aircraft.

    Box Folder
Text   4 13

Manufacturers, Vickers-Armstrong Aircraft, Ltd., Part 2. Circa 1961   "Visitor's Handbook."

    Box Folder
Text   4 14

Manufacturers, Vickers-Armstrong Aircraft, Ltd., Part 3. 1958-1962   Six documents - reprints and pamphlets - depicting the VC-10 jet airliner.

    Box Folder
Text   4 15

Miscellaneous, Aerospace Historian. 1978   Survey sheets submitted by readers of this periodical.

    Box Folder
Text   4 16

Newsletters, Air Force Times. 1966 May 4   Special report, "Air University."

    Box Folder
Text   4 17

Newsletters, American Aviation Historical Society. 1975   Third quarter issue number 35.

    Box Folder
Text   4 18

Newsletters, Inform. 1973 January   The staff magazine of the British Airports Authority, Number 59.

    Box Folder
Text   4 19

Newsletters, Airport News. 1975 September   Staff newspaper of the British Airports Authority, Number 5.

    Box Folder
Text   4 20

Newsletters, LTA Bulletin. 1966-1975   Four issues of the Lighter-Than-Air Society (formerly known as the Wingfoot Lighter-Than-Air Society) newsletter.

    Box Folder
Text   4 21

Newsletters, News. 1974 April   National Aeronautics Association newsletter.

    Box Folder
Text   4 22

Newsletters, The Journal of the Royal Aeronautics Society. 1946 October   Number 430, Volume 50.

    Box Folder
Text   4 23

Periodicals, Control Column. Undated   Two issues of "The Aircraft Preservation Journal," Volume 19, Number 8 and Volume 20, Number 1.

    Box Folder
Text   4 24

Periodicals, Air Force and Space Digest. 1968 April 

    Box Folder
Text   4 25

Periodicals, Air Progress. 1967 March 

    Box Folder
Text   4 26

Periodicals, Aviation Week and Space Technology. 1992 February 3   Reprint of article depicting the McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18D night attack fighter.

    Box Folder
Text   4 27

Periodicals, Esso Air World. 1968 March/April 

    Box Folder
Text   4 28

Periodicals, Flying. 1975 November 

    Box Folder
Text   4 29

Periodicals, The Hurricane. 1969 October 

    Box Folder
Text   4 30

Periodicals, Punch. 1956 September 5 

    Box Folder
Text   4 31

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Series II. Images 

Subseries 1. Drawings 

United Airlines Collector's Series. 1973-1979   Nine color drawings by Nixon Galloway depicting airliners used by United Airlines between 1927 and 1969.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 1

Miscellaneous. Undated   Two pages of drawings depicting British aircraft removed from publications and one print of a Lambert and Thorpe painting of World War I aerial combat dated 8 October 1918.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 2

Subseries 2. Negatives 

Aircraft. Undated   5RH-5-3-NB1 through 5RH-5-3-NB131 are negatives for photographs found throughout the Photographs subseries of this collection. Also included is 5RH-5-3-NB132 depicting an unidentified female beside a biplane.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 3

Airport, Buffalo, New York. Undated   5RH-5-4-NB1 through 5RH-5-4-NB8 are negatives for photographs taken at the airport in Buffalo, New York, found in Box 5 Folder 7 of this collection.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 4

Subseries 3. Photographs 

Aeropostale Transatlantic Service. Circa 1930   5RH-5-5-PB1 through 5RH-5-5-PB5 depict aircraft and transatlantic routes and schedules. Also included is a flyer depicting Aeropostale transatlantic pilots.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 5

Air America Aircraft. Undated   5RH-5-6-PB1 through 5RH-5-6-PB13 depict airplanes and helicopters used by Air America.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 6

Aircraft at Buffalo Field, New York. Circa 1930's   5RH-5-7-PB1 through 5RH-5-7-PB84 depict civil and military airplanes at Buffalo Field.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 7

Airliners, Jet. Undated   5RH-5-8-PB1 through 5RH-5-8-PB18 depict commercial jets in various airline liveries.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 8

Airport, McCarran, Las Vegas, Nevada. 2000   5RH-5-9-PB1 through 5RH-5-9-PC7 depict operations at McCarran Airport. Also included are fact sheets documenting the airport's operation.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 9

Civil Air Patrol. Undated   5RH-5-10-PB1 through 5RH-5-10-PB21 depict aircraft, personnel, training, and activities of the Civil Air Patrol.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 10

Manufacturers, Boeing, Airliners. Undated   5RH-5-11-PB1 through 5RH-5-11-PB9 depict the evolution of Boeing's airliners.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 11

Manufacturers, Boeing, Bombers. Undated   5RH-5-12-PB1 through 5RH-5-12-PB13 depict the evolution of Boeing's bombers.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 12

Manufacturers, Boeing, Fighters. Undated   5RH-5-13-PB1 through 5RH-5-13-PB36 depict the evolution of Boeing's fighters.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 13

Manufacturers, Boeing, Flying Boats. Undated   5RH-5-14-PB1 through 5RH-5-14-PB16 depict the evolution of Boeing's flying boats.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 14

Manufacturers, Boeing, Military Transports and Tankers. Undated   5RH-5-15-PB1 through 5RH-5-15-PB3 depict the evolution of Boeing's military transports and tankers.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 15

Manufacturers, Boeing, Military Transports and Tankers, YC-14. Undated   5RH-5-16-PC1 through 5RH-5-16-PC6 depict different views of the YC-14.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 16

Manufacturers, Boeing, Miscellaneous Aircraft. Undated   5RH-5-17-PB1 through 5RH-5-17-PB8 depict miscellaneous Boeing aircraft.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 17

Manufacturers, Boeing, Trainers. Undated   5RH-5-18-PB1 Stearman PT-17, 5RH-5-18-PB2 Boeing XBT-17.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 18

Manufacturers, Boeing-Vertol, V-22. Circa 1980's   5RH-5-19-PC1 through 5RH-5-19-PC5 depict the V-22 and its components, many accompanied with fact sheets.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 19

Manufacturers, Cessna. Undated   5RH-5-20-PB1 Cessna O-2A; 5RH-5-20-PB2 Cessna T-37.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 20

Manufacturers, Cessna, Citation Jet. Circa 1980's   5RH-5-21-PC1 through 5RH-5-21-PC7 and 5RH-5-21-SC1 through 5RH-5-21-SC24 depict views of the Citation/Citation II jet. Also included are three-view drawings and fact sheets.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   5 21

Manufacturers, Convair, B-58. Undated   5RH-6-1-PB1 through 5RH-6-1-PB3 depict the B-58 taking off, in flight, and refueling.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 1

Manufacturers, Curtiss, Condor. Undated   5RH-6-2-PB1 Curtiss Condor.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 2

Manufacturers, Douglas/McDonnell-Douglas. Undated   5RH-6-3-PB1 through 5RH-6-3-PC18 depict the company's civil and military aircraft.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 3

Manufacturers, English Electric. Undated   5RH-6-4-PB1 and 5RH-6-4-PB2 Canberra.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 4

Manufacturers, Fairchild. 1969   5RH-6-5-PB1 C-123K and 5RH-6-5-PB2 F-27.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 5

Manufacturers, General Dynamics/Convair. Undated   5RH-6-6-PC1 through 5RH-6-6-PB5 depict the company's military and civil aircraft.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 6

Manufacturers, Grumman, XFF-1. Circa 1930's   5RH-6-7-PB1 through 5RH-6-7-PB4 depict various static views of the XFF-1.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 7

Manufacturers, Lockheed. 1983-1987   5RH-6-8-PB1 through 5RH-6-8-PB18 depict the company's aircraft involved in military, governmental, and civil applications. Many photographs are accompanied by typed fact sheets.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 8

Manufacturers, Martin, B-10. Undated   5RH-6-9-PB1 B-10 starboard view.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 9

Manufacturers, North American. Undated   5RH-6-10-PB1 three T-28's and 5RH-6-10-PB2 F-86D.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 10

Manufacturers, Stinson, Trimotor. Undated   5RH-6-11-PB1 and 5RH-6-11-PB2 Trimotor in American Airways livery.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 11

Manufacturers, Vultee, V-1. Circa 1930's   5RH-6-12-PB1 through 5RH-6-12-PB5 depict the V-1 in American Airlines livery.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 12

Military Installations, Hickam Field, Oahu, Hawaii. 1941   5RH-6-13-PB1 through 5RH-6-13-PB7 depict scenes following the Japanese attack; and 5RH-6-13-PB8 depicts an aerial view of the Defense Housing Project on 25 April 1941. Typed captions are affixed to the back of the photographs.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 13

Military Installations, Mitchel Field, New York. Circa 1940's   5RH-6-14-PB1 through 5RH-6-14-PB21 are U.S.Army Air Corps "Official Photographs" depicting aircraft, personnel, and operations at Mitchel Field.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 14

Military Installations, Patterson/Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. 1940-1945   5RH-6-15-PB1 through 5RH-6-15-PB3 depict aerial views of Patterson Field. 5RH-6-15-PB4 depicts an aerial view of Wright Field.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 15

Military Units, 4th Troop Carrier Squadron. 1985 March 29-31   5RH-6-16-PB1 through 5RH-6-16-PB12 depict scenes from the unit's Golden Anniversary/Reunion held March 29-31, 1985, at McChord AFB, Washington, and are affixed to typed fact sheets. A booklet documenting the unit's history and related documents are also included in this folder.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 16

Military Units, Flying Cadet Classes. 1924-1928   5RH-6-17-PB1 depicts personnel of the October 1928 Attack Section Class. 5RH-6-17-PB2 is affixed to 5RH-6-17-PB1 in a manner which makes it unviewable, although the caption affixed to the back states that it depicts the Kelly Field All Flying Cadets Class of September 1924.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 17

Miscellaneous, Atlantic Ferry Pilot Memorial. Undated   5RH-6-18-PB1 and 5RH-6-18-PB2 depict a Lockheed Hudson mounted on a pedestal, one of which made the first transatlantic crossing from Gander on 10 November 1940, and the memorial plaque on the pedestal.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 18

Miscellaneous, Human Engineering. Circa 1940's   5RH-6-19-PB1 depicts human engineering pioneer Paul M. Fitts taking notes aboard a cargo aircraft. A typed fact sheet accompanies the photograph.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 19

Miscellaneous, Kansas City. Undated   5RH-6-20-PB1 depicts an aerial view of Kansas City.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 20

Miscellaneous, 435th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron. 1986 June 2   5RH-6-21-PB1 depicts Col. Richard Caldeleria signing his final WWII combat report. Folder also contains documents pertaining to the Black Eagle unit's 1986 reunion.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 21

Miscellaneous and Unidentified. Undated   5RH-6-22-PB1 through 5RH-6-22-PB17 depict aircraft, systems, and facilities.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 22

Museums/Collections, Air Force Armament Museum, Eglin A.F.B., Florida. Undated   5RH-6-23-PB1 through 5RH-6-23-PB12 depict the facilities and aircraft on display at the Museum.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 23

Museums/Collections, Confederate Air Force, Harlingen, Texas. Undated   5RH-6-24-PB1 through 5RH-6-24-PB4 depict facilities and aircraft of the Confederate Air Force.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 24

Museums/Collections, Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington. 1987   5RH-6-25-PB1 depicts the Boeing B-17 acquired by the Museum for restoration and display. The folder also contains Museum newsletters and news releases.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 25

Museums/Collections, Walter Soplatas. Undated   5RH-6-26-PB1 through 5RH-6-26-PB17 depict aircraft (disassembled) of the collection.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 26

Museums/Collections, Thai Air Museum. Undated   5RH-6-27-PB1 through 5RH-6-27-PB33 depict the Museum's aircraft. Included in the file is a contact sheet of 1"x2" photographs depicting the images 5RH-6-27-PB1 through 5RH-6-27-PB33, and handwritten sheets identifying each of the aircraft pictured.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 27

Personalities, A.A.F., WWII. 1945   5RH-6-28-PB1 through 5RH-6-28-PB13 personnel and aircraft of a C-46 graduation class 1945 July 20; 5RH-6-28-PB14 Lt. Gen. Delos C. Emmons; 5RH-6-28-PB15 aerial photograph of bombed Wesel, Germany; 5RH-6-28-PB16 aerial photograph of bombed Cisternia, Italy.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 28

Personalities, A.A.F., WWII, MacDill A.A.B., Florida. Circa 1940's   5RH-6-29-PB1 personnel at MacDill during WWII. Folder contains both typed and handwritten captions for the photograph, as well as a typed letter to Higham that accompanied the photograph.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 29

Personalities, Miscellaneous. 1944-1976   5RH-6-30-PB1 Eisenhower addressing pre-invasion troops, 1944 June; 5RH-6-30-PB2 William Carigan, 1976 March 2.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 30

Personalities, Air Corps Tactical School. 1928 June 30   5RH-6-31-PB1 photograph inserted into the graduation exercises program for the Air Corps Tactical School. Folder also includes correspondence related to Higham's acquisition of the photograph.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 31

Space, Satellites and Communications. Circa 1980's   5RH-6-32-PB1 through 5RH-6-32-PB8 TRW-built Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, some photographs captioned.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 32

U.S. Navy Blue Angels. 1986 June 9   5RH-6-33-PB1 Blue Angels aircraft flying in formation; 5RH-6-33-PB2 presentation on 1986 June 9 of plaque commemorating the "First Air Show of the Navy's Blue Angels" at Craig Municipal Airport, Jacksonville, Florida, 1946 June 15.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 33

Subseries 4. Slides 

Airports, O'Hare, Chicago, Illinois. Circa 1980's   5RH-6-34-SC1 through 5RH-6-34-SC6 construction scenes at O'Hare; 5RH-6-34-SC7 B-1 bomber in flight.

    Box Folder
Graphic materials   6 34

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Series III. Memorabilia 

Subseries 1. Neckties 


Neckties. Undated   Eight neckties collected by Higham, each with an aviation theme.


Subseries 2. Artifacts 

Item 1. Plaque. 1979   Air Force R.O.T.C. plaque presented to Higham, "Guest Speaker."

    Box Object
Realia   8 1

Item 2. Lapel Pin. 1917   Triangular metal pin-back lapel pin depicting a biplane, with a caption at the bottom.

    Box Object
Realia   8 2

Item 3. Tie Bar. Undated   Tie bar depicting U.S. Air Corps insignia in red presentation box.

    Box Object
Realia   8 3

Item 4. Tie Bar. Undated   Tie bar depicting U.S. Air Corps insignia in gray presentation box.

    Box Object
Realia   8 4

Item 5. Tie Pin. Undated   Pewter tie pin in plastic case depicting Wright-type aircraft.

    Box Object
Realia   8 5

Item 6. Tie Pin. Undated   Pewter tie pin in plastic case depicting De Havilland Mosquito.

    Box Object
Realia   8 6

Item 7. Tie Pin. Undated   Sterling tie pin in plastic box depicting twin-engine jet aircraft.

    Box Object
Realia   8 7

Item 8. Toy Airplane. 1997   Metal toy monoplane with blue fuselage and yellow wings. Made in China for Enesco Company.

    Box Object
Realia   8 8

Item 9. Toy Dirigible. 1997   Metal silver "Zep" with wheels. Made in China for Enesco Company.

    Box Object
Realia   8 9

Item 10. Playing Cards. Undated   Opened box containing a deck of British Airways playing cards on which different aircraft used by the airline are depicted. Included is an index card of all aircraft depicted. Made by Toyforce Limited.

    Box Object
Realia   8 10

Item 11. Tie Bar. Undated   Metal tie bar depicting a Douglas DC-3.

    Box Object
Realia   8 11

Item 12. Tie Bar. Undated   Silver metal tie bar depicting a McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom.

    Box Object
Realia   8 12

Item 13. Tie Bar. Undated   Tie bar depicting U.S. Air Corps insignia.

    Box Object
Realia   8 13

Item 14. Tie Bar. Undated   Silver tie bar depicting white and blue enamel Lufthansa Boeing 747.

    Box Object
Realia   8 14

Item 15. Tie Bar. Undated   Gold tie bar with oval, blue enamel center on which a gold eagle is depicted.

    Box Object
Realia   8 15

Item 16. Playing Cards. Undated   Opened box containing a deck of British Airways playing cards on which different aircraft used by the airline are depicted. Included is an index card of all aircraft depicted.

    Box Object
Realia   8 16

Item 17. Playing Cards. Undated   Unopened box of Braniff International playing cards.

    Box Object
Realia   8 17

Item 1. Carrying bag. Undated   Small, red and blue, plastic, zippered TWA Getaway bag.

    Box Object
Realia   9 1

Item 2. Toy Airplane. Undated   Silver metal twin-engine monoplane with the canopy missing. Depicts U.S. Army NZ4107-B.

    Box Object
Realia   9 2

Item 3. Writing Portfolio. Undated   Turquoise plastic B.O.A.C. writing portfolio with two interior pockets containing stationery and envelopes.

    Box Object
Realia   9 3

Item 1. Medallions. Undated   Six silver medallions depicting "Milestones in Manned Flight by Trans World Airlines" displayed in wood frame with glass front and two-piece stand.

    Box Object
Realia   10 1

Item 2. Cheese Container. Undated   Gray Braniff International porcelain cheese container with wire closure.

    Box Object
Realia   10 2

Item 3. Cheese Container Lid. Undated   Gray porcelain lid with rubber seal for Braniff International cheese container (see item 2.)

    Box Object
Realia   10 3

Item 4. Wing Rib. Undated   Dark wood representation of a wing rib.

    Box Object
Realia   10 4

Item 5. Medallion. Undated   Gold medallion depicting a Boeing B-17 with "Aviation Pioneer, Air Power Leader" printed around the circumference, and an embossed bust of Ira Eaker on the obverse with "Congressional Medal, Lt. General Ira C. Eaker U.S.A.F., Retired" and the 8th Air Force logo printed around the circumference.

    Box Object
Realia   10 5

Item 6. Medallion. 1990   Gold Clement Ader medallion presented to Robin H. Higham. (Note that Higham's middle initial on the medallion is incorrectly given as "H.")

    Box Object
Realia   10 6

Subseries 3. Documents 

Item 1. Napkins. Undated   Small collection of paper napkins with aviation themes from various sources.

    Box Object
Realia   11 1

Item 2. Post Cards. Undated   Small collection of post cards depicting aviation themes.

    Box Object
Graphic materials   11 2

Item 3. Decal, National Aircraft Show. 1953 September   Foil decal for the 1953 National Aircraft Show, Dayton, Ohio.

    Box Object
Text   11 3

Item 4. Ticket, National Air Races. 1949 September 5   Unused ticket to National Air Races, Cleveland Municipal Airport.

    Box Object
Text   11 4

Item 5. Decal, Air Crew Association. Undated   Decal depicts association's logo.

    Box Object
Text   11 5

Item 6. Decal, 28th Air Refueling Squadron. Undated   Decal from unit stationed at Ellsworth A.F.B. depicts jet tanker with "R's Are Bigger Than Yours" printed around circumference.

    Box Object
Text   11 6

Item 7. Seat Occupied/Blocked Card. Undated   Seat occupied/blocked card from Texas International Airlines.

    Box Object
Text   11 7

Item 8. Seat Occupied/Reserved Card. Undated   Seat occupied/reserved card from Eastern Airlines.

    Box Object
Text   11 8

Item 9. Seat Occupied Card. 1988 September   Seat occupied card from Delta Airlines.

    Box Object
Text   11 9

Item 10. Seat Occupied Card. Undated   Seat occupied by a through passenger card from Piedmont Airlines.

    Box Object
Text   11 10

Item 11. Seat Occupied/Reserved Card. Undated   Seat occupied/reserved card from Eastern Airlines.

    Box Object
Text   11 11

Item 12. Decal, Aircrew Association. Undated   Member's decal.

    Box Object
Text   11 12

Item 13. Guide, O'Hare Airport. 1965   Folding, pocket-size guide to O'Hare and Chicago, Illinois.

    Box Object
Text   11 13

Item 14. Business Card, Robin Higham. Undated   Higham's business card as editor of "Journal of the West."

    Box Object
Text   11 14

Item 15. Meal Tray Card. Undated   Continental Airlines tent card with meal-time prayers from The Psalms.

    Box Object
Text   11 15

Item 16. Bookmark. 1984   FR Aerospace, A Division of Flight Refuelling Ltd.

    Box Object
Text   11 16

Item 17. Newsletter, Excerpt. Undated   Pages 7 and 8 from a ship's newsletter, presumed to be that of the "U.S.S. Astrolabe"/ "U.S.S. Hollandia."

    Box Object
Text   11 17

Item 18. Certificate. Undated   Blank "Plank Owner's" certificate presented to original crew members of the U.S.S. Hollandia when it was commissioned.

    Box Object
Text   11 18

Item 19. Aviation Event Leaflet. 1946 August 30-September 2   Two-fold, pocket size leaflet depicting the 20th annual National Air Races, Cleveland, Ohio.

    Box Object
Text   11 19

Item 20. Aviation Event Leaflet. 1951 August 18-19   Two-fold, pocket size leaflet depicting the National Air Races, Detroit, Michigan.

    Box Object
Text   11 20

Item 21. Aviation Event Leaflet. 1955 September 3-5   Two-fold, pocket size leaflet depicting the National Aircraft Show, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Box Object
Text   11 21

Item 22. Paper Airplane. Undated   Airplane-shaped "Souvenir commemorating the first flying United Cigar Store."

    Box Object
Text   11 22

Item 23. Label, National Air Races. 1948 September    Oversize label depicting the National Air Races, Cleveland, Ohio.

    Box Object
Text   11 23

Item 24. Ship's Menu. 1944 December 25   "Souvenir Menu, Wartime Christmas Dinner" from the U.S.S. Hollandia with handwritten personal message added.

    Box Object
Text   11 24

Item 25. Ship's Mailer. Undated   Photograph of "U.S.S. Hollandia" published to be used as a mailer.

    Box Object
Text   11 25

Item 26. Bag, Frontier Airlines. Undated   Clear plastic bag with snap-together handle.

    Box Object
Realia   11 26

Item 27. Airline Flyers. 1988-1989   British Airways/U.S. Air flyer for transatlantic passengers, and KLM flyer of "Handy Facts" regarding Thailand.

    Box Object
Realia   11 27

Item 28. Airline Luggage Tags and Ticket Stubs. Undated   Mr. and Mrs. Higham's ticket stubs for a Charlotte to Kansas City flight; and used baggage tags from Southwest, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Tunisair, Braniff, TWA, Swissair, KLM (2), and United Airlines.

    Box Object
Text   11 28

Item 29. Baggage Tag, T.W.A. Undated   Plastic baggage tag containing Higham's business card as President, Sunflower University Press.

    Box Object
Realia   11 29

Item 30. Airship Publications. Circa 1980's   Post cards and notices of airship publications, specifically "My Five Years With Soviet Airships" by Umberto Nobile in 1987.

    Box Object
Text   11 30

Item 31. Photograph, McDonnell-Douglas F-4. Undated   5RH-11-1-PB1 four F-4's flying in formation over mountainous terrain. A caption is printed on the back of the photograph.

    Box Object
Graphic materials   11 31

Item 32. Photograph, H.M. Rigid Airship R.80. Undated   5RH-11-1-PB2 ten cross-section views (figures) of the R.80.

    Box Object
Graphic materials   11 32

Item 33. Business Card, Robin Higham. Undated   Higham's business card as Professor Emeritus of Military History, Kansas State University.

    Box Object
Text   11 33

Item 34. Napkin, B.O.A.C. Undated   White cloth napkin with B.O.A.C. embroidered in blue letters in the lower left corner.

    Box Object
Realia   11 34

Item 35. Maps. 1941-1942   Four Pan American Airways Africa Ltd. line maps depicting the airports, airport statistics, and routes and mileages between airports: French West Africa; Chad, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Ethiopia, Adan, North Yemen, and Somalia; Saudi Arabia from North Yemen to Oman; and India from Karachi to New Delhi, Calcutta, and Chonghing.

    Box Oversize
Maps   12 35

Item 36, Calendar. 1974   Japan Air Lines annual calendar.

    Box Oversize
Text   13 36

Item 37. Newspapers and Articles. 1962-1969   Newspapers and pages removed from newspapers featuring aviation-related stories and photographs: "The Times" (London), 1962, Supplement; "The Kansas City Star," 20 November 1966, page 2D; "The Kansas City Times," 1968-1969; "The Sunday Telegraph" (London), 31 March 1968, page 5; "The Milwaukee Journal," 24 May 1968, page 18; "BOAC News," 29 August 1969; and "BOAC News," 5 September 1969.

    Box Oversize
Text   13 37

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