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The George H. Williams, Jr. World War I Aviation Library

The George H. Williams Jr. World War I Aviation Library includes books, serials, documents, photographs, and other archival materials relating to aviation of that period collected by Williams Jr. himself and other donors. The largest and most important collection in that record group is the Ed Ferko Collection containing more than 50,000 photo prints, about 10,000 negatives, as well as roughly 200 annotated original photo albums from German aviators. The papers contain documents sorted by units, personnel, and official reports from all fronts, notes, moving images, and artifacts.

George H. Williams Jr. was born on Apr. 7, 1915 in Frost, Texas. He acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Baylor University in 1939. During World War II, he was a Signal Officer with the 94th Signal Battalion, which was attached to Gen. George S. Patton’s Third Army, that was engaged in the Battle of the Bulge. In his civilian career he was with the mortgage department of the Equitable Life Insurance Co., first in Houston and then in Dallas, Texas, until his retirement. Williams Jr., a lifelong collector of aviation books and periodicals, worked as a volunteer for over twenty years at the History of Aviation Collection (HAC) at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). His considerable book collection was later donated to HAC which started the George H. Williams Jr. World War I Aviation Library. In 1985 he founded the League of Aviation World War I Historians the current publisher of Over the Front. George H. Williams Jr. died in Dallas, Texas on July 9, 2006.

Finding Aids

Air to Ground Artillery
Aschoff, Walther (Series to
the Ed Ferko Collection)

Bailey, Frank
Balchen, Bernt
Ball, Charles
Barron Field History
Baucom, Burne V.
Belcher, F.W.
Bishop, Gerald Knox
Brennecke, A.M.
Bulletin (Air Service)
Clay, Henry
Cowan, Royal W.B.
Duiven, Richard
Ferko, Ed
Filley, O.D.
Fowler Collection
Goar, E. Slogan
Gorrell History of the American
Expeditionary Forces
1917 - 1918 Air Service

Granger, J.R.
Hildes-Heim, Erik
Kerr, James L.
Kerwood, Charles Wayne
Manning Collection
Miscellaneous Collection
Monograms (Aircraft)
Morgan, L.
Murer, Paul
Penttinen Collection
Photograph Collection
Plans Collection
Ray Collection
Sater, Ola
Schneider Collection
Senn, Olive
St. Martin's Negative Collection
Walkley, L.E.
Williams, George H.
Hugh Wynne Film Collection
Zakrzewski, Al