Living Learning Communities

Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

This community is ideal for students majoring in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Media and Communication.

Faculty advisor — Eric Farrar
Faculty advisor — Lisa Bell

Required Majors

  • Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

Course Connections

  • Fall
    • ATCM 1100 – Freshman Seminar
    • ATCM 2300 – Introduction to Technoculture
    • ATCM 2301 – Computer Imaging

  • Spring
    • ATCM 2302 – Design I

Coursework may change based on availability. Contact the LLC office for the latest information.

Events and Programs

  • All fall 2020 events will be held virtually.
  • Tour top-level animation and game companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, such as Janimation Studio and REEL FX.
  • Enjoy community-wide events including LAN parties, art competitions and movie screenings.
  • Meet and network with faculty, including:
    • Todd Fechter
      • 3D model designer for Terminator: Salvation viral website.
      • Projects for Jeep, NASA, The Ant Bully and Jimmy Neutron.
    • Eric Farrar
      • Visual effects editor for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
      • Character rigger for Night at the Museum.
    • Monica Evans
      • Professor of computer game design and coordinator of the Computer Gaming Entrepreneurship Competition.
      • Current educational game project with the U.S. Department of Defense.

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