Living Learning Communities

Computer Science

This community is ideal for students interested in various computer science careers such as cyber security, robotics and digital forensics.

Faculty Advisor — Dr. Gopal Gupta
Faculty Advisor — Dr. Janell Straach
Faculty Advisor — Dr. Linda Morales
Faculty Advisor — John Cole

Required Majors

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering

Course Connections

  • Fall
    • CS 1200 – Introduction to Engineering and Computer Science
    • ECS 1100 – Freshman Seminar
    • Plus one of the following (depending on testing):
      • CS 1336/1136 - Programming Fundamentals and Lab
      • CS 1337 – Computer Science I
      • CS 2336 – Computer Science II
  • Spring
    • None

Coursework may change based on availability. Contact LLC for the latest information.

Events and Programs

  • Participate in various student competitions like codewarmers
  • Enjoy networking events with computer science organizations
  • Join your computer science peers in fun social events such as LAN parties and informal dinners with faculty members
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