Mechanics of Advanced Materials Laboratory


Welcome to the Mechanics of Advanced Materials Laboratory (MAML)

MAML focuses on the fundamental understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials. Areas of interest include (but not limited to): Viscoelasticity, Experimental Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Multiscale Simulations, Mechanics of Nanocomposites and other Nanostructured Materials, Dynamic Fracture, Viscoelastic Behavior at High Strain Rates, Shear Slitting/Cutting, Nanomechanics, Viscoelastic Nanoindentation, Ear Biomechanics.

Group pictures


From left, Sadeq, Dr. Oman (visitor scholar from University of Ljubljana), Mohammad, Runyu.


Spring 2020: After Sadeq’s PhD defense; from left: Dr. Ng (Computer Science), Dr. Baughman (Chemistry), Sadeq, Dr. Lu, Dr. Ryu (ME), and Dr. Qian (ME).



Summer 2019: At the CAST STEM Bridge final symposium, our high school researchers earned second prize; from left: Stephen Yang,  Nicholas Tsao, Ethan Zhao, and Dr. Lu.



Spring 2019 (Group meeting): from right: Dr. Lu, Dr. Qin, Sadeq, Vijay, Dongyang, Runyu, Huiluo, Ning, and Dr. Ren


Summer 2017 (Group launch)


Summer 2017 (From Left: Dr. Luo, Dr. Lu, Xuemin, Ashika, Mark, Dr. Hu, Saman, Trent, Ivan, Rajiv, Sadeq, Fabiola, and Jenna)


Fall 2016 (From Left: Tingge, Dr. Lu, Dr. Guo, Dr. Luo, Samuel, Ashika, Xuemin, Dr. Hu, Suzie, Sadeq, and Saman)