Mechanics of Advanced Materials Laboratory




Dr. Hongbing Lu, Director

Professor and Louis A. Beecherl Jr. Chair

Room: ECSN 2.528

Phone: 972-883-4647

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Yao Ren

Post-doc (Summer 2018)

Room: NL 1.410

Email: [email protected]



Sadeq Malakooti

Post-doc (Summer 2020)

Room: NL 1.403M

Email: [email protected]






Dr. Bing Wang (Nanjing Normal University)

Visitor Scholar (Fall 2019)

Room: NL 1.403C

Email: N/A


Dr. Mohammad Hatamleh

Post-doc (Fall 2019)

Room: NL 1.403T

Email: [email protected]



Ning Bian

PhD Student (Fall 2018)

Room: NL 1.403

Email: [email protected]



Huiluo Chen

PhD Student (Fall 2017)

Room: NL 1.403

Email: [email protected]


Runyu Zhang

PhD Student (Fall 2018)

Room: NL 1.403

Email: [email protected]


Vijay Kulkarni

BSc Student (Fall 2017)

Room: NL 1.403w

Email: [email protected]




Dr. Xuemin Wang (PhD 2018, Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Southern University)

Dr. Huiyang Luo (Research Scientist 2018, Current position: Senior Engineer II at Karagozian & Case, Inc.)

Dr. Zhenxing Hu (Postdoc 2018, Current position: Measurement Scientist at Corning Inc.)

Dr. Tingge Xu (PhD 2017, Current position: Process Molding Engineer at Corning Inc.)

Dr. Yingjie Du (PhD 2015, Current position: Assistant Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch)

Dr. Gitogo Churu (PhD 2014, Current position: Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Letourneau University)

Dr. Mohammad Hamidul Haque (PhD 2012, Current position: Petroleum Engineer at Aramco Americas)

Saman Rostami (MS 2019,  Current position: PhD student of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University)

Shameek Sushil Kulkarni (MSc 2018, Current position: Process Engineer at Pegatron Corporation)

Rhorn John (MSc 2018, Current position: R&D Engineer at Tranter, Inc.)

Ashika Lokanath Malligawad (MSc 2016, Current position: Member of The Indian Space Research Organisation – ISRO)

Salman Khaleeq (MSc 2015, Current position: Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer at Johnson & Johnson)

Alison S Lee (MSc 2014, Current position: Project Engineer I – Mechanical at AVL North America Inc)

Shannon John Menezes (MSc 2013, Current position: Process TD Engineer – D1C at Intel Corporation)

Chen Cheng (MSc 2011, Current position: Design Engineer at Oceaneering International, Inc.)

Samuel May (BSc 2018, Current position: Manufacturing Engineer, Texas Instruments Inc)

Suzie Ghidei (BSc 2018, Current position: Manufacturing Engineer, Texas Instruments Inc)