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Th Apr 30th, 2:30pm

FO 3.222


Yunkai Zhou



Fast algorithms for large scale eigenvalue problems

Fr Apr 17th, 2pm

FO 2.404


Angelia Nedich

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Distributed Optimization in Directed Graphs: Push-Sum Based Algorithms

Tu Apr 7th, 1pm

SLC 1.204


Stefan Siegmund

TU Dreseden

Dynamical systems approach to bone remodeling

Fr Apr 3rd, 2pm

FO 2.404


Dale Hall

Director of Research

Society of Actuaries

Society of Actuaries Research Overview and The Study of Mortality Improvement

Fr Mar 27, 2pm

FO 2.404


Vadim Zharnitsky


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hamiltonian dynamics in the linear search problem

Fr Feb 27, 2pm

FO 2.404


Leonid Kalachev

Mathematical Sciences

U. Montana

Reduction and Identification of (Simple) Dynamic Models

Fr Feb 20, 2pm

FO 2.404

Guojun Gan


U. Connecticut

Valuation of Large Variable Annuity Portfolios under Nested Simulation: A Functional Data Approach

Fr Jan 30, 2pm

FO 2.404


Akif Ibraguimov

Texas Tech

Qualitative properties of the non-linear flow in porous media and application in engineering

Th Jan 22, 3pm

SLC 1.204


Georgiy Bobashev

RTI International

myEpi. Epidemiology of one

Fr Jan 16, 3pm

FO 2.404


Melvin Leok



Lie group and homogeneous variational integrators and their applications to geometric optimal control theory

Fr Dec 5, 3pm

FO 2.404


Julian Newman


Imperial College, London

Measurable stochastic dynamics and convergence to "statistical equilibrium"

Fr Dec 5, 2pm

FN 2.102

Anatoly Eydelzon

Mathematical Sciences

UT Dallas

On recoverability properties of fixed measurement matrices in Compressed Sensing

Mo Dec 1, 11:30am

SLC 2.303


Jose Rodriguez

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Notre Dame

Visiting Scientist at Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing
Numerical Algebraic Geometry for Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Th Nov 20, 11:30am

SLC 1.204

Sue Minkoff

Paula Vasquez


University of South Carolina

Mathematical Models of Chromosomal DNA in Yeast Cells

Fr Nov 14, 2pm

FN 2.102

Min Chen

Lynne Stokes

Statistical Sciences


Measurement Error in Dual Frame Designs

Mo Nov 10, 2pm

CB3 1.312

W. Krawcewicz

Carlos Garcia-Azpeitia

CONACyT postdoctoral fellow

Fields Institute

McMaster University

Construction of a periodic standing wave for n corotating vortex filaments arising from a central configuration

Fr Nov 7, 2pm

FN 2.102

Zalman Balanov

M. Muzychuk

Computer Science

Netanya Academic College

A Solution of an Isomorphism Problem for Circulant Digraphs

 Tu Nov 4, 2pm

SLC 1.204

Sue Minkoff

Talea Mayo

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Princeton University

Data Assimilation for Shallow Water Modeling

Fr Oct 31, 2pm

FN 2.102

Vladimir Dragovic

Mark Levi


Penn State University

Traveling waves in chains of pendula

  • Updated: January 26, 2015