Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics


Fall 2016 Colloquia

Unless otherwise noted, the colloquium will be held on Fridays @ 2:00 pm in FN 2.102.

If you have questions about the colloquium please contact Dr. Vishwanath Ramakrishna.

Archive of talks from previous semesters




Dec 2


JO 3.516

Yuan Yuan

Mathematics and Statistics

Memorial University, St. John’s, CANADA
Effect of Time Delays in an HIV Virotherapy Model with Nonlinear Incidence

Dec 2


FN 2.102

Dimitri Volchenkov

Bielefield University, Germany
An introduction to Probability Models of Social Structure and Evolution

Oct 26


FO 2.702

J. A. Cuminato

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

University of Sao Paulo
Center for Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry–CEPID-CeMEAI

Oct 21

A K Desai


Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India
Topological Characterizations of Some Known Spaces and Their Applications

Oct 14

J.H. Przytycki


The George Washington University
Plucking polynomial: Motivated by and applied to knot theory, q-polynomial invariant of rooted trees

Oct 7

Goong Chen

Mathematics Dept and IQSE

Texas A&M University
Computation, Simulation and Visualization of Pulverizing Aircraft Mountain Crashes

Sep 30

Francois Baccelli

Simons Chair

Mathematics and Electrical & Computer Engineering

University of Texas at Austin
Dynamics on Random Networks

Sep 23

Alain Bensoussan

Jindal School of Management

UT Dallas
Introduction to Backward stochastic differential equations and parabolic P.D.E. in the whole space

Sep 16

Maria Umlauft

Ulm University
Rank-based permutation approaches for nonparametric factorial designs