Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Archive: AY 2018-2019 Colloquia




Mon, Aug 5

FO 2.702

2 pm – 3 pm

Dmitry Vorotnikov

Department of Mathematics

University of Coimbra

Variational solutions to the abstract Euler equation

May 17

JO 4.102

Vered Rom-Kedar

Computer science and applied mathematics

Weizmann Institute, Israel

Distinguished Colloquium


On exponential Fermi accelerators and energy equilibration

Apr 26

Max Korenvaes

Arbor Diagnostics

Project Sequence

Apr 19

Gebrenegus Ghilagaber Yebio

Department of Statistics

Stockholm University

Apr 12

FO 3.616

2:00 – 3:00 pm


Sunyoung Shin

Mathematical Sciences Department

The University of Texas at Dallas

Ensemble Estimation and Variable Selection with Semiparametric Regression Models

Apr 12

Giorgio Gubbiotti

School of Mathematics and Statistics

The University of Sydney, Australia

Integrable discrete autonomous quad-equations admitting, as generalized symmetries, known five-point differential-difference equations

Mar 29

Karen Willcox

Director, Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences | Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics | W. A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Chair in Simulation-Based Engineering and Sciences | Peter O’Donnell, Jr. Centennial Chair in Computing Systems

University of Texas at Austin

Distinguished Colloquium


Projection-based Model Reduction: Formulations for Scientific Machine Learning

Mar 29

SLC 2.304

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Hon Keung Tony Ng

Department of Statistical Science

Southern Methodist University

Gamma Degradation Model and Related Applications: From Light Intensity to Drug Dissolution

Mar 28

FN 2.104

Thomas Hagen

Department of Mathematical Sciences

The University of Memphis

The Winner Takes All: Volume Scavenging Populations of Networked Droplets

Mar 8

JSOM 2.804

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Hai Shu

Department of Biostatistics

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Extracting Common and Distinctive Signals from High-dimensional Datasets

Mar 7

JSOM 2.804

11:30a – 12:30p

Yangqing Deng

Department of Biostatistics

University of Minnesota

Testing Pleiotropy with Conditional Analysis and Summary Statistics

Mar 6

GR 3.606

11:30a – 12:30p

Ge Zhao

Department of Statistics

Penn State University

Efficient Semiparametric Sufficient Dimension Reduction on Censored Data

Feb 22

George P. Yanev

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Necessary and sufficient conditions for (characterizations of) exponential probability distribution

Feb 20

GR 3.606

11:30a – 12:30p

Qiwei Li

Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Bayesian modeling of spatial point patterns and its application on the analysis of tumor pathology images

Feb 18

GR 3.606

11:30a – 12:30p

Chuan-Fa Tang

Department of Biostatistics

University of Washington

Likelihood ratio test for monotonicity density

Feb 13

ECSS 2.102

7:00-8:15 pm

Benjamin Orlin

Distinguished Colloquium


The Unlikely Friendship between Science and Math

Feb 8

FO 2.404

(Note change in location)

2:00-3:00 pm

Stephen McKeown

Department of Mathematics

Princeton University


Corner singularities in holography

Feb 8

David Stoffer

Department of Statistics

University of Pittsburgh

Distinguished Colloquium


Some Problems Fitting Nonlinear Time Series Models

Feb 4

JSOM 2.107

11:30a – 12:30p

Long Feng

Department of Biostatistics

Yale University

Sorted Concave Penalized Regression

Feb 1

Vasilisa Shramchenko

Département de mathématiques, Université de Sherbrooke

Counting graphs on surfaces using quantum physics

Jan 31

JSOM 2.714

11:30a – 12:30p

Manuel Rivera

Department of Mathematics

University of Miami

A new point in topology

Jan 25

JSOM 2.107

2:00-3:00 pm

Yanqing Wang

Department of Biostatistics

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Learning-based Biomarker-assisted Rules for Optimized Clinical Benefit under a Risk-constraint

Jan 24

JSOM 2.102

11:30a – 12:30p

Hojin Yang

Department of Biostatistics

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Functional Regression Analysis of Distributional Data using Quantile Functions

Jan 23 

JSOM 2.102

11:30a – 12:30p

Baris Coskunuzer

Department of Mathematics

Boston College

Minimal Surfaces in 3-manifolds

Jan 18

Vakhtang Pukharadze

University of Alberta

Integrability and Chaos in Figure Skating

Dec 5

  CB2 1.206

3:004:00 pm

Edriss S. Titi

Texas A&M University
The Weizmann Institute of Science

On Recent Advances of the 3D Euler Equations by Means of Examples

Dec 3

   ECSS 3.503

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Miroslav Krstic

University of California – San Diego

Distinguished Colloquium


Traffic Flow Control: Calming “Stop-and-Go” in Congested Traffic

Nov 16

Suvra Pal

The University of Texas at Arlington

Inference on Cure Rate Models and Some Extensions

Nov 9

Ekaterina Smirnova

Virginia Commonwealth University

Microbiome Data: Current challenges in Data Processing and Analysis

Nov 2

Han Hao

Department of Mathematics

The University of North Texas

A Novel Approach on Multiple-Traits Genetic Association Tests for Flexible Pleiotropy Structures

Oct 26

Boris Mordukhovich


Wayne State University

Optimal control of the sweeping process

Oct 12

3:00  4:00 pm

    SLC 2.302

Max Glick

Ohio State University

The limit point of the pentagram map

Oct 10

3:15 – 4:15 pm

CB3 1.314

Alexander Pankov

Department of 

Morgan State University

        Oct 5

Jozef H. Przytycki

Department of Mathematics

The George Washington University

Sep 28

Steve She

VP, Analytics

SCS Division


Sep 21

Vladimir Dragovic

Mathematical Sciences Department

The University of Texas at Dallas


Sep 14

Alexey Glutsyuk


CNRS, ENS de Lyon, HSE (Moscow) and MSRI (Berkeley)


Aug 21

1:00-2:00 pm

CB1 1.106

Nitis Mukhopadhyay


U. Connecticut