Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Colloquium F13




October 4th
Host: John Zweck

Yannan Shen


On models of short pulse type in continuous media

October 11th
Host: Min Chen

Hong Zhu


Inference on bivariate survival data with interval sampling through Kendall’s Tau: testing and association measure

October 31st
Host: Pankaj Choudhary

Chaitra Nagaraja
Fordham University

Constructing and Evaluating House Price Indices

November 1st
Host: Min Chen

Chul Ahn

Sample size calculations for clustered and longitudinal outcomes

November 7th
Host: Sue Minkoff

William Symes
Rice University

Inversion Velocity Analysis

November 8th
Host: Vladimir Dragovic

Rostislav Grigorchuk
Texas A&M University

On Random Groups of Intermediate Growth

November 8th
Host: Qiongxia Song

Jing Wang
University of Illinois at Chicago

Spline Confidence Bands for Functional Derivatives

November 15th
Host: John Zweck

Kenichi Maruno
University of Texas, Pan American

Discrete integrable systems: from nonlinear waves to self-adaptive moving mesh schemes

December 4th


FO 2.208

Host: Vladimir Dragovic

Igor Zelenko

Texas A&M University

Curvature of smooth control systems

December 6th


Host: Dmitry Rachinskiy

Ram Iyer
Texas Tech University
On the existence of solutions to a two-point boundary value problem involving capillary effect in fluid mechanics

December 9th


SLC 2.302

Host: Susan Minkoff

Xiangxiong Zhang


The asymptotic convergence rate of the Douglas Rachford iteration for basis pursuit