Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Computational Science Seminar

AY 2017-2018

Unless otherwise noted, the Computational Science Seminar will be held on Fridays @ 1:00 pm in SLC 1.202.

The seminar is organized by Drs. John Zweck and Sue Minkoff.

If you have questions about this seminar please contact Dr. John Zweck.

Archive of talks from previous semesters




May 8


FO 2.404
Computational Mathematics Day at UTD Numerical Methods and Uncertainty Quantification for Porous Media Flows
Apr 13 Brandilyn Stigler

Partitioning Data to Improve Model Selection in Network Inference
Apr 6 Sonam Lama

The stochastic particle method for the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation
Mar 30 Amnon Meir

On Some Constrained PDE
Mar 23 Jack Xin

UC Irvine
Building optimization and computing skills while pursuing a math degree

[Sponsored by the UTD/SMU SIAM Student Chapter]
Mar 9 Wei Cai

Math, SMU
Stochastic Algorithms for Electromagnetic Problems of Nano-Structures
Mar 3 SIAM Student Chapter Clarifying Your Career Direction and A Taste of the Career Center
Feb 9 Peter Wolenski


The Mathematics Consultation Clinic at LSU
Nov 17 Stefano Leonardi

Mechanical Eng.

Turbulent drag reduction over Liquid Infused Surfaces
Nov 3 Jay Rosenberger

UT Arlington
Multi-objective Two-stage Stochastic Programming for Adaptive Interdisciplinary Pain Management with PLN Transition Models
Oct 6 Fabrício Simeoni de Sousa

University of Sao Paulo at Sao Carlos, Brazil
The multiscale Robin coupled method for flows in porous media
Sep 1 UTD/SMU SIAM Student Chapter Annual Meeting
Sep 8 Jon Bell

Chemical and mechanical mechanisms making arterial plaques vulnerable to rupture: a mathematical modeling perspective