Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Mathematics in the Galaxy … and Beyond

Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 9 am – 3:45 pm

The University of Texas at Dallas
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Department of Mathematical Sciences

The aim of Mathematics in the Galaxy… and Beyond! is to increase the interest of underrepresented high school students, especially female, in mathematics.

The inaugural event will bring 60 high school students to UT Dallas to spend one day immersed in mathematical activities. The students will hear personal stories of perseverance and success from minority researchers and professional women in mathematics from across the country. Participants will attend 3 workshops lead by UT Dallas graduate and undergraduate female mathematics students, where they will gain hands-on experience with mathematics problems. Each session will focus on a different mathematics topic.

The event will be be held on the sprawling campus of The University of Texas at Dallas on 28 January 2017 from 9am-3:45pm. Participants will enjoy lunch at the Comet Dining Room as well.

The event is sponsored by the TENSOR Foundation, the Mathematical Association of America, The UTD Office of the Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Participants will hear two plenary addresses from female mathematics faculty members.

Title: Knots and Knumbers at Play

Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, Lamar University

Abstract: A sequence is an ordered list of numbers. A Gilbreath sequence is an ordered list of numbers where all of the beginning portions (from left to right) of the sequence contain consecutive numbers. These sequences have interesting properties, which we will briefly discuss. However, the main part of our playing will be with using these sequences to build knots by creating horizontal and vertical twists of two strands, as described by a Gilbreath sequence. Many pictures will be drawn and you will have a chance to experiment with these Gilbreath knots.

Title: The Use of Mathematics to understand Biology and Political Sciences

Speaker: Dr. Alicia Prieto-Langracia, Youngstown State University

Abstract: In this talk we will examine different problems that can be solved with mathematics, without going into too much mathematical detail. At the same time, we will explore the journey of a Mexican immigrant and how that journey shaped my research and my current career.



For more information, contact:

Julie Skinner Sutton, PhD
E-Mail: [email protected]
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Texas at Dallas