Mathematical Sciences

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

The Math Cohort is a group of mathematically talented, well prepared students who learn mathematics together in small classes that are tailored for gifted students. Students in the cohort take all their math classes together throughout their undergraduate education. Each cohort is mentored by a single professor throughout their four-year undergraduate degree. Classes are taught by a team of professors with exemplary accomplishments in both teaching and research.

Cohort classes are specially designed to facilitate in-depth study of fundamental mathematical subjects and the development of problem solving skills. Students in the cohort learn from intense interactions with talented peers. The individualized and small group educational experiences in the cohort prepare students for outstanding careers in any field that requires deep knowledge of advanced mathematics.

Cohort Admission Process

  • Interested students are encouraged to apply for admission to the cohort prior to
    their first year at UT Dallas.
  • Admission to the Math Cohort is based on passing a written entrance exam and in-person interview conducted by the mentor of the cohort.
  • Please contact Professor Sam Efromovich for further information.

Cohort News

  • Some of the cohort students were members of a UT Dallas team that participated in the Calculus Bowl contest organized by the Mathematical Association of America at S.F. Austin University on March 31st, 2016. The UT Dallas team won first place in a field of Thirty two teams from universities and colleges in the Texas.
  • Some of the cohort students were also members of the UT Dallas Putnam Competition team which placed 18-th out of 554 universities in Canada and the USA in the 76th William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition.