Classroom Media Support

Classroom Media Support can be reached at 972-883-4900 or [email protected].

This group manages the daily multimedia and audio-visual requirements of UTD's courses across most of the buildings on campus.

There are several locations on campus that have their own AV contacts. These areas include but are not limited to: JSOM and the Student Union. Please contact Classroom Media Support if you do not know who to contact for your area.

To view a list of the audio-video equipment available on the main Richardson campus, see the online Classroom Media Reservations site.

Classroom Media Reservations site

All requests must be received two business days prior to class.  All Weekend requests MUST be in by 12:00 pm the Wednesday before so we can adjust our technicians' schedules accordingly.

Please DO NOT add additional time to your request as this may delay your equipment. Our technicians attempt to do set-ups during the 10-15 minutes between classes and when additional time is added to the beginning of a reservation, they often find a class is session and they will move to the next set up.

Equipment may be requested for each class or for the entire semester. Semester orders require a start and end date. Please let us know when you will have your mid-terms and/or exams and do not need equipment. This frees the equipment for someone else and avoids interrupting your classroom environment with equipment setup.

The most common equipment requests for classes are for LCD projectors for use with laptop (PowerPoint without audio or DVD with audio), audio systems, and microphones.

Please remember that quantities are limited and
equipment may not be available at all times or in all locations.

Students that need audiovisual equipment for use in a classroom, e.g. for a presentation, must request the equipment via their instructor. In other words only an instructor may request equipment to be delivered and set up in a classroom for student use.

For training on the use of classroom media equipment, please email [email protected] and we will schedule a short 15-minute briefing in your classroom.



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