Welcome to the Micro Imaging Lab!

This lab is devoted to imaging natural materials at several scales, using 4 pieces of equipment:

(1)  Photography station macro and micro, with a camera stand: This consists of a digital camera on an adjustable stand, with good lighting. This is especially useful for imaging large (5-50 cm) samples. Connection to a computer permits the user to photograph samples remotely, edit images, and save them digitally.

(2)  Binocular and petro microscopes with digital cameras connected to a computer permit digital capture of close-up details.

(3)  GIGAmacro: This consists of a digital camera with zoom lens and computer software that combines focal stacking, image stitching, and 3D depthmaps for very high resolution imaging of thin sections and other materials within a specific size range.

(4)  JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM): Our SEM is flexible and powerful, using secondary electron imaging to show reveal very small surface topography, backscatter electron imaging to reveal phases with different mean atomic weight, and energy-dispersive X-Ray analysis of natural materials. The SEM is especially useful for studying regions that range in size from a millimeter to less than a micron.

(5) Thermo Niton XL3 Handheld XRF: This device analyzes the elemental composition of a hand sample in seconds using x-ray fluorescence and can be utilized for a wide range of applications, from art conservation to geochemistry and advanced materials science.

The lab is located at ROC 1.209b. Please contact Ignacio Pujana at [email protected] or Bob Stern at [email protected] for more information. Use of the lab equipment is by appointment only.

NOTE:  Our website is still under construction. Please check back often for new information and images.