Multicultural Center

Multiracial Programs

The MC aims to better serve the university population of Multiracial Students by gathering feedback from them and creating spaces or programs that support their success.

Our Focus

  • Serving as a connection point between multiracial students and the resources offered to them on campus
  • Developing an established community on campus
  • Providing engagement and development opportunities for multiracial students


  • Multiracial Mixer
  • Multiracial Workshops
  • Multiracial Advisory Committee

Developmental Support

The Multiracial Advisory Committee (MAC) coordinates events and leads initiatives that positively impact the holistic growth of multiracial students. In doing so, the MAC creates awareness to this demographic by acknowledging their presence on campus, dispelling myths, and addressing microaggressions. It also helps alleviate feelings of exclusion and isolation by aiding in establishing a community for multiracial students and making them aware of specific resources available to them.

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