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Interested in a presentation or workshop for your club? Looking for a fun, educational activity? Our diversity education workshops aim at empowering students to be cultural competent leaders in a diverse society. Our workshops are interactive and tailored just for you! Our diversity education team is excited to share resources and knowledge with your student organization members!

Available Presentations

Diversity 101

Designed for classrooms, student organizations, and student employees who are interested in learning about diversity and the services and resources offered by the Multicultural Center. After attending this presentation, participants will be familiar with current UT Dallas student demographics, cultural identity and diversity, identify and discuss the transitions to UT Dallas based on cultural identities, and an introduction to microaggressions.


Explores microaggressions and the impact they have on our community. After attending this presentation, students will understand microassaults, microinsults and microinvalidations. Students will be able to discuss the impact of microaggressions strategies to counteract, and promote positive interactions when these occur.

Unconscious Bias

95% of brain activity occurs at an unconscious level. Explore and uncover hidden bias and the impact bias has on our daily lives. These biases are activated involuntary and without an individuals awareness or control. After attending this presentation, participants will understand the process of the unconscious mind and aspects of cultural bias. Discover how our worldview can change by becoming making the unconscious, conscious.

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