Multicultural Center

Women In Social Engagement

Women in Social Engagement (WISE) is a women of color discussion group that meets meet bi-weekly to engage in an affirming, inviting, and authentic discussion around students’ experiences as people who identify as women of color on the UTD campus. We invite both undergraduates and graduate students to join in the discussion. Participants are welcome to discuss any and all topics that are relevant to their experiences (e.g. race, relations, gender equality, media influences on self esteem/body image, racism, sexism, career development, dating, relationships, sexuality). Your privacy will be respected. You are welcome to join and bring a friend.

Please note: This discussion group is intended to offer a space for women and women –identified students of color. To ensure that the group offers an affirming space for women of color, leaders will invite the group to explore their racial, ethnic, and gender identities in the context of discussion that affirms the existence and psychosocial impacts of racism and sexism.

ONLINE Meeting Dates

  • April 2nd, 2020 @ Noon
  • April 16th, 2020 @ Noon
  • April 30th, 2020 @ Noon

All meetings last 90 minutes and will take place ONLINE via Microsoft Teams (Click here to RSVP).


Destiney Tolbert

Destiney is the Assistant Director of Student Success and Outreach in the Multicultural Center. She strives to support the professional and personal growth of all women of color.

Cynthia Sorto

Cynthia is a licensed Social Worker and assistant director within the Department of Community Engagement. She is committed to supporting women of color for personal success.

Dr. Aisha Evans

Dr. Evans is a therapist at the Student Counseling Center with interests in identity development and the promotion of self-care in racial and ethnic minority communities.

For more information on WISE:Email us