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Distinguished Negotiation Lecture

Each year, The Negotiations Center will host a Distinguished Negotiation Lecture, in which an experienced negotiation practitioner will discuss his or her area of expertise. It is our goal to bring a diverse group of negotiators to campus, addressing fields such as hostage negotiations, labor relations, and sports contracts. The Center is pleased to announce that our 2009 lecture addressed hostage negotiation.

Dr. Wayman Mullins delivered the second Distinguished Negotiation Lecture on Tuesday, November 10, 2009.

When lives depend upon the successful outcome of a hostage negotiation, experience makes the difference between relief and tragedy. Mullins, a professor of criminal justice at Texas State University, has extensive

experience training others in hostage negotiations. He shared insights from the high-stakes world of hostage negotations, and told how the lessons he's learned can be applied to daily bargaining situations.