Welch Foundation Grants Fund Three
UT Dallas Chemistry Researchers’ Work

May 9, 2007

Three researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas have received grants totaling $480,000 from the Houston-based Welch Foundation, which annually funds chemistry research in Texas.

The scientists, all from the university’s School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, received awards ranging from $150,000 to $180,000.  The funding cycle for the grants begins on June 1 and continues for three years.  The recipients are:

  • Dr. Kenneth Balkus, professor of chemistry, $150,000, “Zeolite Encapsulated Metal Complexes”
  • Dr. Donald Gray, professor and head of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, $150,000, “Preferential DNA Binding of Human Replication Protein A”
  • Dr. John Sibert, associate professor of chemistry, $180,000, “Functional Redox-Active Macrocyclic and Acyclic ‘Wurster-Type’ Hosts for Cations and Anions”

The Welch Foundation is one of the United States’ largest and oldest private funding sources for basic chemical research.  Since its founding in 1954, the organization has contributed to the advancement of chemistry through grants, departmental programs, endowed chairs, visiting lectureships and other special projects at educational institutions throughout Texas.  The foundation underwrites numerous endowed chairs in chemistry and related sciences, including one at UT Dallas filled by Dr. Ray Baughman, director of the university’s NanoTech Institute.

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