Net Gain or Loss? Prof Ponders Radiohead’s Bold Test

Business School Economist is Asked to Contribute to Invitation-Only Blog

Jan. 25, 2008

Economics professor Stan Liebowitz has been asked to contribute to the invitation-only blog  Thinkernet, a forum that asks leading technology figures to ponder the Internet’s future.

Dr. Liebowitz's first post analyzes the business model used by the popular rock band Radiohead, which released its most recent album on the Internet for a price that its customers could pick for themselves.

Other bloggers on Thinkernet include Philip Rosedale, founder and CEO of Linden Lab, responsible for the popular online game Second Life; and Craig Newmark, founder of

Dr. Liebowitz is the Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics in the Management School at the UT Dallas. His research interests include the economic impact of new technologies, intellectual property and piracy; and the economics of networks.

Media contact: Office of Media Relations, UT Dallas, (972)883-2155

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Dr. Stan Liebowitz
Dr. Stan Liebowitz


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