New UT Dallas Master’s Concentration Explores
Biomedical Applications of Electrical Engineering

June 6, 2008

Students pursuing master’s degrees in electrical engineering at UT Dallas have a new area in which they can specialize: the biomedical applications of electrical engineering.

It’s a broad area of study that can include work with biosensors, medical imaging, biomaterials, speech processing, the biological applications of wireless communication and much more.

“There’s a demand from students in electrical engineering to have the opportunity to learn about new application areas of electrical engineering principles in biomedical, clinical and biological research, and that’s why we’ve decided to offer this new area of study,” said Dr. Raimund Ober, a professor of electrical engineering in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at UT Dallas.

The new area of concentration also reflects the growing amount of Jonsson School faculty research under way in the field. In collaboration with researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center, for example, Ober and his students have developed a new microscope to visualize complex cellular activity in 3-D.

Other faculty at the Jonsson School are pursuing research in areas such as biomedical nano-electromechanical systems, nano-structured biomaterials for tissue engineering, body sensor networks, wireless medical monitoring, biomedical image analysis and cochlear implant technology.

With the addition of the biomedical applications concentration, master’s students at UT Dallas now have seven areas of concentration available to them. The others are:

  • Communications and signal processing.
  • Digital systems.
  • Circuits and systems.
  • Optical devices, materials and systems.
  • Solid-state devices and micro systems fabrication.
  • Radio-frequency and microwave engineering.

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Raimund Ober
Dr. Raimund Ober has spearheaded the new electrical engineering concentration in biomedical applications.

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