Program to Fund 45 Research Projects Proposed by Undergraduates

Nov. 3, 2008

Chess, local bioethanol production and artificial muscles in HVAC systems are just some of the research topics being funded as part of the second year of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Award Program.

In all, 45 students received $500 each to cover laboratory equipment, travel or other project-related expenses for their research proposals.

This is more than double the number of projects funded last year, the first time the program was offered. The funds were granted for a single semester by the Office of the Vice President for Research and are supported by Tektronix Communications and Raytheon.

When the projects are finished, the students are to submit research summaries, and their faculty sponsors are to certify the projects’ completion.

The complete list of student winners and their research projects are as follows:


Research Topic

Faculty Sponsor

Chris Alameddin

“Synthesis of Cell Permeable Luminescent Gold Nanoparticles”

Jie Zheng

Michael Bavoso

“Urolithiasis in Dogs and Cats and its Dependence on Climate Change”

Tom Brikowski

Neeraj Bhat

“Study of Texas-based Cellulosic materials for Bioethanol Production”

DJ Yang

Matthew Brier

“Multiple number representations in working memory”

Dr. John Hart Jr.

Kelly Bruckmann

“Does mimicking the Endogenous Amygdala Stress Response Enhance Memory of a Non-Stressful Task?”

Dr. Christa McIntyre

Timothy Cave

“Modeling and Decoding of Motor Cortical Activity”

Yan Cao

Derek Cox

“Neurotoxicity of tau protein”

Gail Breen

Fadwa Elashi

“In-Group Attitudes of Muslim Children”

Dr. Candice Mills

Saloumeh Esmaeili

“Synthesis of the amphiphilic and biodegradable block copolymers for drug delivery applications”

Mihaela Iovu

Mahsa Fardin

“Synthesis of thiol terminated Poly(3hexylthiophene)”

Mihaela Iovu

James Gill

“Biostratigraphical analysis of Mariana Forearc sediments as retried by the Deep Submersible Vehicle SHINKAI 6500”

Ignacio Pujana

Yashodhan Gogte

“Surface Etching of Semiconductor Materials”

Yves Chabal

Rodolfo Guzman

“In-situ FTIR Characterization of Graphene Single Layer Sheets”

Yves Chabal

Lorna Hanko

“Evaluation of Ground-water/Surface-water Interactions in the Trinity Alluvial Aquifer McKinney Texas”

Tom Brikowski

Jessica Harpham

“Analyzing the cellular status and brain cytoarchitecture of mutant mice”

Santosh D’Mello

Stuart Harrell

“Investigation into Rule-based Automatic Generation of Abstract Art”

Kang Zhang

Bradley T. Havard

“Metrics for Aspect-oriented Use Case Diagrams”

Kendra Cooper

Susan Brie Hazelwood

“The effects of Multi-Systemic Therapy on Juvenile Criminality”

James Marquart

Eric Ingram

“Lunar Thermal Emission and Regolith Maturity”

Mary Urquhart

Reji Joseph

“XeFz etching of silicon”

Yves Chabal

Jennifer Kim

“Testing for software safety”

Eric Wong

Mi H. Kim

“Studying Peptide Neurotoxicity”

Warren Goux

Mira Kim

“Applying Data Mining to Effective Software Fault Localization”

Eric Wong.

Thomas Krenik

“Applications of Nanotechnology and Artificial Muscles in HVAC Systems”

Ray Baughman

Amy Michelle Lehman

“Database of Chess Scholarship Opportunities”

Alexey Root

Felicity Lenes

“Vaccine Targeting: Tipping Equilibria and Herd Immunity Based on Individual Mobility and Disease Infectivity Levels”

Todd Sandler

Gustavo Litovsky

“Voice communications using Wireless Sensor Nodes”

Andrea Fumagalli

Ran Lu

“The hedging plans for airline companies”

Ted Day

Tomoyasu Mani

“ln(III) dicyclohexano and dibenzo DOTA-tetraamide complexes as PARACEST agents”

A. Dean Sherry

Chanel J Matney

“Discrimination of Degraded Speech Sounds Following Bilateral Lesions of the Rat Auditory Cortex”

Dr. Michael Kilgard

Alexander Palmer

“Search for charmed baryonia in reaction: e⁺e⁻ → Λ⁺cΛ⁻c ISR

Joseph Izen

Kajal Parekh

“Monitoring Gait with Wearable Sensor Networks”

Roozbeh Jafari

Siddharth Sampat

“Colloidal Quantum Dot and Single Dot Spectroscopy”

Anton Malko

Raktim Sarma

“Excitons and Polarons on Helically Shaped One-Dimensional Semiconductors”

Yuri Gartstein

Areeg Siddig

“Stabilization of Peptide/Carbon nanotube dispersion by oxime cross-links”

Gregg Dieckmann

J. Gary Sinclair Jr.

“Developing a method for the rapid assessment of single-walled carbon nanotube lengths usying dynamic light scattering”

Paul Pantano

Sharanya Sivanand

“Quantitative Analysis of γ-globin gene expression in Human Erythroleukemia Stable Cell-Line (KU-812) and Human Primary Cells”

Betty Pace

Austin Swafford

“The Thermal Ablation of Cancer Cells by the Near-Infrared (NIR) Radiation of Double -Walled Carbon Nanotunes (DWNT)”

Rockford Draper

Bryan Thompson

“Effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Plasticity in Motor Cortex”

Michael Kilgard

Luis Torres

“Real-time Deformation of Bodies with Rigid and Deformable Components”

Xiaohu Guo

Steven Walser

“The Effect of Mood on Risk and Trust Preferences: An Experimental Study”

Catherine Eckel

Joshua J. White

“Neural Mechanisms of Semantic Inhibition Across Ages Amongst an ADHD Population”

Mandy Maguire

Ben Williams

“CVD growth of nanotubes in inverted carbon opals and their alkali metal doping (A) for the search of superconductivity in Ax-CNT-opal nanostructures”

Anvar Zakhidov

Tresa Zacharias

“Use of a phosphory assay for interaction between cholinergic and minoaminergic interaction in protein kinase activity:a model for mood disorders”

Marco Atzori

Bayaraa Zorigt

“Checkmate History lessons: UTD Chess Program”

Alexey Root

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