A Storied Year: 2008 Full of Wonder and Pride

Compendium of the Most-Read News Items Recounts Achievements at UT Dallas

Dec. 17, 2008

The year 2008 has been a year full of great discoveries, growth and exciting events for UT Dallas

Researchers found wonders in the ocean depths and in the tiniest materials ever made by humans. Students learned about the University’s plans to build its first residential hall, then gave their time and their hearts as volunteers during spring break. They also packed into the Student Union to hear celebrities campaign for presidential candidates.

Here are the most popular UT Dallas News Center stories for 2008, as determined by the total number of readers who accessed the pages.  Student achievements, student life and research accomplishments dominate the list.


1. “Living Large: Plans Unveiled for New Residence Hall”
The University unveils plans for a 400-bed, 148,000-square-foot residence hall for occupancy by fall 2009.

2. “The Future Face of Physics: 16-Year-Old is Enrolled and Ready to Get Started on Doctoral Research”
At an age when most students have yet to finish high school, Austin Howard begins Ph.D. studies  at UT Dallas.

3. “575 Students Make Fall Semester Dean’s List”
More than 575 students are named to the dean’s list at UT Dallas for the fall 2007 semester.

4. “Team Bests Young Bill Gates With Improved Answer to ‘Pancake Problem’ in Mathematics”
A team of computer science students and their faculty adviser improve on a longstanding solution to a mathematical conundrum known as the “pancake problem.” The previous best solution was devised by Bill Gates and one of his Harvard instructors.

5. “The Way We Roll: DART-linked Comet Cruisers Debut”
The shuttle-bus service starts connecting the UT Dallas campus with nearby destinations.

6. “612 Students Named to the Spring 2008 Dean’s List”
For the spring 2008 semester, 612 students make the dean’s list at UT Dallas.

7. “McDermott Scholarship Recipients Announced” The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program at UT Dallas, one of the most comprehensive awards available to students beginning their college experiences, selects 10 men and 10 women for its 2008 class.

8. “Breakthrough Allows Manufacturing on the Tiniest Scale” A University of Texas at Dallas team will play a key role in a new $15 million research project designed to enable manufacturing at an almost unimaginably small scale: one atom at a time.

9. “Wharton Retains Lead in Business Rankings”
The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania continues to lead U.S. and foreign business schools in research productivity in the recently updated UT Dallas School of Management rankings.

10. “Chelsea Clinton to Address Students on Campus”
UT Dallas learned that Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, would address students.

11. “Spring Break Without the Beer and Bikinis”
Eight groups of students opt out of the traditional spring break and chose instead to go on volunteer service missions.

12. “Geoscientist Finds Surprise Hidden in the Pacific”
UT Dallas geoscientist Dr. Robert J. Stern is part of a research team that discovered and studied an extinct underwater volcano near the southern Mariana islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

13. “UT Dallas Rises on Kiplinger’s Top 100 List”
In an era of rising tuition costs, The University of Texas at Dallas remains one of the 100 best values among public colleges in the United States according to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine.

14. “Actress Sophia Bush to Appear for Obama Rally”
Actress Sophia Bush from the television show One Tree Hill visits campus in support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

15. “$1.75 Million Grant Funds Photon Chip Study”
UT Dallas researchers receive a $1.75 million grant to develop novel microchip technology that’s smaller, faster and more energy-efficient than anything on the market today.

16. “No Lines Online: Pay Tuition @ EZPay”
The new EZPay system lets students avoid lines when they pay tuition and other fees. 

17. “Chelsea Clinton to Address Students on Campus”
Chelsea Clinton answers students’ questions about her mother’s quest for the White House.

18. “New Properties Discovered for Nanotube Sheets”
A team of nanotechnologists discovered highly useful properties in sheets of carbon nanotubes.

19. “Stargazers Invited to Watch Vanishing Act”
A UT Dallas stargazer party coincides with a total lunar eclipse.

20. “MBA Degree Transformed Restaurant Exec’s Life”
Renée Underwood finds that enrolling in the School of Management’s Executive MBA Program changed her life.

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