Economic Uncertainty Spurs Interest in MBA Program

Managers Consider Sharpening Skills While They Weather Downturn

Feb. 25, 2009

With economic uncertainty growing and layoffs mounting, career counselors have been turning to the School of Management for ways to help managers looking for long-term success strategies.

 “What we’re hearing from outplacement counselors is the $23,000 price tag for an MBA makes going back to school full time to improve job skills a really attractive alternative for some of these young managers who are now unemployed,” said Lisa Shatz, director of the University’s Full-Time MBA program.  

“The counselors feel good about recommending this because it is, over the long term, beneficial to the newly unemployed,” she said. “The person who just lost his or her job feels good about it because the price is right, prospects for quick rehire are low right now anyway, and this positions that person perfectly for landing another position when the job picture improves.”

The master’s degree in business administration at UT Dallas takes about 16 months to complete.

“It’s a good short-term plan that answers a lot of needs in the current economy,” Shatz said

The $23,000 price tag of in-state tuition and fees can be lowered for many students with forms of financial aid. 

MBA students who express an interest are paired with mentors – professionals from the community who have made a commitment to help MBA students get the most out of their education. In addition, each class starts off with team-building exercises designed to create a cooperative and productive learning environment.

 “When I looked at the options and compared price to product, there was absolutely no question,” says Marco Mauricio, who will receive his MBA this December.  “I had no idea there was such thing as an accredited, rigorous program for what I paid.”

Full-Time MBA classes start each August and students complete the program together. “The camaraderie and support that develops between these students can last a lifetime,” says Monica Powell, assistant dean at UT Dallas’ School of Management.

All Full-Time MBA students are required to participate in an internship.   

“We have had wonderful success in placing quality interns and MBA graduates from UT Dallas,” says Judy Guyer, the career management programs director at the School of Management. “Employers are thrilled to get our students, both as interns and for full employment.”

The next on-campus information session is 7-8 p.m. Tuesday, March 24 at the School of Management. Deadline for applications is May 1.

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