Construction Plans Will Build on Recent Successes

Continued Building Projects Require Pedestrians and Drivers to Use Caution

Aug. 14, 2009

The new Residence Hall and Dining Hall have opened, giving the UT Dallas community its first real taste of fruit from the dust of construction.

Consult the UT Dallas construction map and disruption log for the latest route information.

But no less than five active construction sites remain. Projects still in motion include the Math Science Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET), Founders Building (FO) renovation, the Student Services Building (SS), the Campus Landscape Enhancement Project and the nearly completed modular buildings north of Classroom Building West (CBW) and Hoblitzelle Hall (HH).

To make way for the ongoing work, drivers and pedestrians will need to plan ahead and alter their travel routes.

The Office of Business Affairs recommends that students and staff members:

  • Allow extra time for on-campus travel and parking.
  • Watch for new signage and traffic direction devices.
  • Use the free Comet Cruiser shuttle bus.
  • Monitor the Pardon our Progress Web site and watch the University’s News Center e-mails for updates about road closures, pedestrian advisories and planned power shut-offs.

Most north-south routes through campus remain intact. Key east-west pathways will be pushed south, closer to the School of Management and Activity Center, sometime in September.

Best ways around University Parkway and Entry Circle

The campus’ main entrance, University Parkway, has been crowned at its northernmost point with Entry Circle. The circle is designed for drop-off and pick-up of students and University visitors; it is for loading and unloading passengers only. Parking is available off Entry Circle by way of two roads – “East” Drive and “West” Drive – which connect to School of Management parking Lot M and the Activity Center parking Lot J respectively. Visitor parking permits and campus maps are available at the information center, just south of the Entry Circle at Armstrong Drive and University Parkway.

Campus Landscape Enhancement

The Campus Landscape Enhancement Project, a privately funded campus beautification project, runs down the heart of the UT Dallas campus, between the Student Union and McDermott Library. Think of it as an unfinished central mall that will feature a waterway, fountains, trees, benches and a covered terrace.

Pedestrians have been using a pathway through the construction site that connected a ground-level exit on the Student Union’s northeast side to McDermott Library’s northwest entrance.

That path will disappear and a new sidewalk will appear extending from the southeast corner of the Student Union and deposit pedestrians onto a small street between McDermott Library and the student bookstore.

The campus will have three north-south passages – Rutford Avenue to the west; Drive F to the east; and a series of loosely connected sidewalks starting west of Jonsson Academic Center (JO) and east of the Visual Arts Studio (AS) that reach south to Drive A and the Activity Center (AB).

East-west pathways include the plaza that starts just east of Rutford Avenue between Berkner Hall (BE) and the Engineering and Computer Science Complex (ECS). It extends east past Founders Annex (FA) until it narrows, funneling pedestrians into the Student Union.

AH1, AH2, CB3

Across Rutford Avenue from Berkner Hall are the new modular buildings named AH1, AH2 and CB3. Two of the three modular buildings will feature music practice rooms and art studios. The third will house a general assignment classroom.

Founders Hall

Founders Hall, the oldest campus building, is completely closed to ground traffic. A construction fence surrounds the building’s perimeter. Part of Founders Hall renovation plan includes updating classroom and lab spaces and creating a new east face that will spill out onto the plaza to join the campus enhancement project.

Using the ramp or stairs off the plaza near University Theatre and north of Founders, pedestrians travel west to Founders North, Jonsson Center, MSET, Founders Annex or Berkner Hall.

Dining Hall and Student Union

For now, the new Dining Hall can be entered only from inside the Student Union (SU). Using the union’s north entrance across from Founders, veer right toward the Pub, walk down the hall past the Gemini rooms and child-care center and turn right to enter.

The Student Union features the Pub, Comet Café, pingpong tables, study lounges, pool tables, flat-screen TVs, video games and meeting rooms. Offices for Student Government, organizations and services, including health, disability and counseling services, are available in the Student Union.


MSET, situated just north of Berkner Hall and west of Founders North, will provide spaces for math and science teaching of primarily undergraduate students. The building also will include a lab for research about effective teaching and learning techniques in those fields, both at the college and K-12 levels. It will feature a lecture hall, instructional labs and offices for faculty and tutors.

Construction is expected to be completed August 2010.

To travel east past the MSET site, use either the inside of Berkner Hall to the south or Drive D to the north.

MSET is bordered by Rutford Avenue on the west and a series of sidewalks that start west of Jonsson Academic Center (JO) and east of the Visual Arts Studio (AS) and reach south to Drive A and the Activity Center (AB).

Student Services Building

The Student Services Building is going up just south of the Student Union. Like the Dining Hall, it will attach to an existing structure.

The $27 million, 74,000-square-foot building will serve as a one-stop shop for current and prospective students and their parents, housing the Bursar’s Office, Financial Aid; the Career Center; the Dean of Students Office; Enrollment Services and the Registrar; Health and Counseling Centers; International Student Services; the Multicultural and Women’s Centers; and Residential Life and Housing Operations.

It is expected to be complete by fall 2010.

The Student Services Building will be located on Drive A, nestled between the Dining Hall and the Student Union. The sidewalk running between the Engineering-Computer Science Complex and the Dining Hall provides north-south access around the site.


Other matters to consider:

  • Drive A, crossing the campus-enhancement construction site between the School of Management and the Activity Center and closed to vehicles since November, will close entirely in September and reopen for pedestrian use only in December.
  • A new pedestrian pathway will open just north of the Entry Circle between the School of Management and the Activity Center.
  • Residence Hall parking may be accessed through the parking lots immediately north of University Village Phase 8B and just east of Phase 8. There is also a passenger loading zone on Rutford Avenue.

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The new dining hall seats more than 400 people and offers food from seven separate serving areas.

The first students moved in to the Residence Hall on Wednesday, Aug. 12.

Construction crews made significant progress over the summer on construction of the Math Science Engineering Teaching-Learning Center.

The privately funded Campus Landscape Enhancement Project will run down the heart of the UT Dallas campus.


The Student Services Building going up just south of the Student Union is expected to be complete by fall 2010.


Renovation plans for Founders Hall include updated classroom and lab spaces and a new east face that will spill out onto the plaza to join the campus enhancement project.

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