Economist Earns Top 5 Ranking Worldwide

Honor is Based on Prestige of Journal Publications, Frequency of Citations

Sept. 24, 2009

Dr. Todd Sandler placed fifth in a new, worldwide ranking system for public economists that accounts for the quality of journals in which the economists publish and the number of times other authors cite their work.

“Dr. Sandler’s ranking in this study reflects the caliber of his research and the value his peers place on his work by citing it,” said Dr. Brian Berry, dean of the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, where Dr. Sandler teaches and conducts research.

Top Public Economists

Sandler joins other respected public economists in the top five, including:


Michael Keen, International Monetary Fund & University of Essex.

Gareth Myles, University of Exeter Business School.

James Poterba, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Joel Slemrod, University of Michigan.

The standings, published in the Journal of Public Economic Theory, place higher value on published articles with individual authors. The creator of the rankings, Francesc Pujol, an assistant professor of economics at the University of Navarra in Spain, believes counting citations and factoring a journal’s esteem is a better yardstick by which to measure the long-term quality of an author’s work.

“Although no ranking system is perfect and others can yield alternative rankings, it is nice to be listed so high in this carefully constructed ranking,” Sandler said. “Typically, alternative rankings have a consistency among the very top-ranked individuals. The current rankings include publications from 1996 until 2001 and their impact.”

According to Sandler, who is the Vibhooti Shukla Professor of Economics and Political Economy in his school, it takes a published article about five years or more to start acquiring citations from other authors, which means that articles published in 2001 begin accumulating significant citations by 2006 or 2007.

“Given that my output since 2001 is even greater in the journals considered, I would think that I would have an equally good placement in the future,” Sandler added. “It is also nice to be at UT Dallas, where our economics department has a strong concentration in public economics.”

Sandler has studied international terrorism since 1983, using economic methods to research the issue. He directs the Center for Global Collective Action and teaches courses on game theory, the political economy of terrorism, public finance and public economists.

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Todd Sandler

Todd Sandler, an expert on international terrorism, recently placed fifth in a worldwide ranking system for public economists.

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