UT Dallas to Share Ideas on International Education

Oct. 8, 2009

UT Dallas will share its experience in international education this week to help a university in Mexico build its own international education program.

Dr. Rodolfo Hernández Guerrero, director of the Office of International Education and Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies, will give a presentation focusing on international education leadership and certification to University of Guanajuato (UG) leaders.

Hernández’s participation is part of the UG workshop “Building Our Internationalization,” on Thursday, Oct. 8, in Guanajuato, Mexico. The workshop presents global trends in international education, including the development of international education at UT Dallas.

“From our initial collaboration in 1996, which formalized exchange programs for students and faculty of both institutions, we have grown to the point we are at now, with students, faculty and staff from both countries interacting on each side of the border,” said Hernández. “This network of partners reflects the passion and commitment that people have for working together from an academic perspective to foster greater understanding between both nations. It’s important for the future of both regions.”

Under the auspices of the Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies, the collaboration was initiated between UG and UT Dallas to convey the importance of Mexico to the U.S. and, particularly, to the North Texas region. The program has grown to include additional higher education institutions in Mexico, including the Technological Institute of Saltillo, the University of Sonora, and the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. The partnership has been called “a model for other projects between U.S. and Mexican universities” by former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza.

The university network now fosters binational research collaborations, including projects in nanotechnology, material sciences, and arts and technology.

As of summer 2009, more than 100 Mexican students had enrolled in UT Dallas academic programs and a similar number of UT Dallas students, faculty and staff had visited Mexico as part of a scholarly exchange agreement between the two institutions. The exchange is open to students from all seven UT Dallas schools.

Through the support of the Mexican Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT), UT Dallas also co-sponsors Mexican students to pursue graduate studies at UT Dallas, including students from the University of Guanajuato. Degrees are conferred by UT Dallas. In addition, UT Dallas hosts students from Guanajuato through short programs such as the UT Dallas – Mexico Summer Research Program and sends UT Dallas students to Guanajuato through the UT Dallas Guanajuato Summer Spanish Program.

“We’re proud that more than 17 higher education institutions on both sides of the border are involved in this partnership,” said Andrew Blanchard, UT Dallas Vice Provost. “This reflects a much bigger picture — we’re showing the different ways that Mexico and the U.S. can work together.”

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Rodolfo Hernandez Guerrero “This network of partners reflects the passion and commitment that people have for working together from an academic perspective,” said Dr. Rodolfo Hernández Guerrero

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