Bryce Jordan Awards Help 9 Pursue Artistic Goals

Jun. 24, 2010

Nine University of Texas at Dallas Art and Performance students will receive support to pursue their creative passions as beneficiaries of the Bryce Jordan Scholarship Fund for the Arts for the 2010-2011 school year.

The students were given awards ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 to further their academic careers at the University.

“I worked so hard this past year, trying to further my studies in the visual arts, and it is a blessing for me to be a Bryce Jordan Scholar,” said Beatriz Cartagena, who was a  scholarship recipient last year as well.  “I will use the scholarship to take most of my upper-level classes in the art department, such as drawing, photography and painting, to complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts. After that, I will go forward with my decision of getting a Master of Fine Arts.”

Bryce Jordan Scholarships

This year’s recipients, listed with their disciplines, include:

  • Eli Aalderink (Music)
  • Octaviano Bazan (Art and Performance, Arts and Technology)
  • Megan Bishop (Art and Performance)
  • Samantha Bratton (Arts and Technology)
  • Beatriz Cartagena (Visual Arts)
  • Troi Cluse (Arts and Technology)
  • Richard Green (Music)
  • Alyssa Lee (Arts and Technology)
  • Susan Oh (Psychology, Music)

The Bryce and Jonelle Jordan Scholarship Fund was established in 1981 to support undergraduate music students at UT Dallas. Bryce Jordan, flutist and musicologist, was the first president of the University.

The scholarship fund has since been extended, with Dr. Jordan’s approval, to provide financial support for undergraduate students in any of the creative and performing arts, which include music, theatre, dance, creative writing, the visual arts and arts & technology. Scholarships are awarded through an application process that includes a work sample and an essay.

“Thanks to Dr. Jordan's foresight, we can continue to support these deserving students in the arts,” said Kathryn Evans, associate dean for the arts at UT Dallas. “Their contributions to the University and the community will be felt and appreciated by their teachers, their fellow students and those who hear and see their accomplishments in visual arts, music and arts and technology.”

Winner Alyssa Lee added, “I'm thrilled to have received this scholarship.  I make art constantly, either for school or my own projects, so it's great receiving money to do what I love.”

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