Couple Etch Evidence of Their Love into Legacy Lane

It had been seven years since couple Uday Gurnani BS’07 and Sonia Gandhir BA’07 met at a birthday party on campus at the Waterview Park Apartments. So when her friends invited her to UT Dallas one evening in the fall of 2012, she thought nothing of it.

Uday and Sonia

Newlyweds and UT Dallas alums Uday and Sonia Gurnani commemorated their time together on campus with a brick on Legacy Lane that reads "To live in love then-now-always-Sonia & Uday-"

That’s when Gurnani appeared and popped the question. He offered her an engagement ring and an engraved brick on Legacy Lane, a tree-lined path behind the Eugene McDermott Library. Student Ambassadors and the former Alumni Association created the lane of personalized pavestones so that graduates could leave their marks on UT Dallas.  

“Sonia and I first met at UT Dallas, and spent the formative years of our relationship there, so the idea of having a stone engraved onto Legacy Lane really appealed to me,” Gurnani said.

Since that first meeting at the campus party, the couple has continued to look for the best in each other.

“He is so genuine and caring,” Sonia (Gandhir) Gurnani said.

Sonia and Uday

The Gurnanis, both UT Dallas alums, were married in India.

“I love her cheerful and bubbly nature, and her ability to keep situations light,” said Uday Gurnani.

They have supported each other through their educations and their careers. After graduating from UT Dallas, Sonia Gurnani earned a PhD in physical therapy at Texas Tech University. Uday Gurnani earned a master’s in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Tech University.

The couple live in Addison. Sonia Gurnani is a physical therapist at UT Southwestern Medical Center and Uday Gurnani is a technical lead in the digital signal processing group at Texas Instruments.

The couple tied the knot last year on Valentine’s Day in India, where they both grew up.

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