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Brain Health is Topic of Fall Lecture Series at UTD

'The Brain: An Owner's Guide' to be Conducted by Center for BrainHealth
And Sponsored by North Texas Public Radio Station KERA 90.1

                RICHARDSON, Texas (Aug. 12, 2002) - How to achieve and maintain healthy brain function well into old age is the subject of a lecture series to be conducted this fall by experts from The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and sponsored by public radio station KERA 90.1. The title of the series is "The Brain: An Owner's Guide."

                On four consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning Sept. 10, faculty members and researchers from UTD's Center for BrainHealth and the university's School of Human Development will conduct one-hour presentations on all aspects of the brain and brain health, including healthy habits designed to mitigate mental decline.

                "Brain health is the most critical public health issue today," said Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, director of the Center for BrainHealth at UTD. "There is a huge bubble of Baby Boomers about to enter the senior segment of the population, yet we are not doing the things we need to do to enjoy our longevity brought about by major medical advances."

                "The goal of this lecture series is to bring to the public the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs regarding the brain and how we can set in place healthy brain habits," she said. "Each talk will be lively and thought-provoking as the audience learns how brain function can be modified through experience."

                "KERA is delighted to team with UTD's Center for BrainHealth to provide vital information to the public about the brain that can make a difference in people's lives," said Jeff Luchsinger, vice president and radio station manager.

                Following are the four lectures in the brain health series:

  • "How Your Brain Learns," Sept. 10. Dr. Michael Kilgard will examine the brain's ability to learn and rewire itself given a stimulating environment.
  • "How the Brain Overcomes Injury," Sept. 17. Dr. Steve Lomber will discuss the remarkable adaptability of the brain following an injury - a characteristic known as plasticity -- as well as related scientific breakthroughs.
  • "A Lifetime of Brain Building," Sept. 24. Dr. Chapman will share ways to exercise the brain to maintain robust mental functioning.
  • "How Memory Works and Fails," Oct. 1. Dr. Jim Bartlett will explain how memories are created and retrieved and when one should be concerned about memory loss.

                The lecture series is open to the general public, professionals and students. The cost to attend the series is $100.

                Each lecture will be held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Conference Center, Room CN 1.112, on UTD's campus in Richardson. For more information or to reserve a seat, please call Jennifer Zientz at (214) 905-3007.

About the Center for BrainHealth

                The Center for BrainHealth - part of UTD's School of Human Development - is located on Inwood Road in Dallas, adjacent to major medical facilities such as The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, St. Paul Hospital and Parkland Hospital. The center integrates research, treatment, academic training and community outreach. Through this innovative approach, the center is discovering commonalities across brain maladies that are yielding similarities in brain repair mechanisms resulting in new treatments for improving life for patients with brain injuries and diseases. One of the center's top priorities is achieving healthy mental aging by translating scientific findings into treatment. For more information about the Center for BrainHealth and its work, please visit the organization's web site at http://www.utdallas.edu/~schapman/.

About KERA 90.1

                KERA 90.1 is committed to providing in-depth coverage of the issues of importance to North Texans. The station's radio productions have earned local, regional and national awards, including six Katie Awards for journalistic excellence in 2001. KERA 90.1 has one of the country's fastest growing radio audiences, with award-winning national programming that includes "Morning Edition," "All Things Considered," "Car Talk" and "This American Life" and award-winning local talk shows, including "The Glenn Mitchell Show" and "People's Agenda." KERA's news reporters regularly contribute to national broadcasts of "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered."

About UTD

        The University of Texas at Dallas, located at the convergence of Richardson, Plano and Dallas in the heart of the complex of major multinational technology corporations known as the Telecom Corridor , enrolls more than 7,000 undergraduate and 5,000 graduate students. The school's freshman class traditionally stands at the forefront of Texas state universities in terms of average SAT scores. The university offers a broad assortment of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. For additional information about UTD, please visit the university's Web site at www.utdallas.edu.

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