UTD Computer Science Professor,
Students Win Best Paper Awards

Dr. Gopal Gupta, a professor and associate head of the computer science program in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), along with five co-authors, won the best paper award at the European Conference on Web Services held earlier this month in Sweden.

The paper, titled “A Universal Service-Semantics Description Language,” addresses the issue of designing a mark-up language that will allow automatic discovery of services on the internet.  It was selected from among 70 submissions and was also authored by four UTD students — Ajay Bansal, Srividya Kona, Luke Simon and Ajay Mallya.  The remaining co-author, Tom Hite, is the chief technology officer of Metallect Corporation.

Bansal, Kona, Simon and Mallya are Ph.D. students in UTD’s Applied-Logic, Programming Languages and Systems Lab, which is directed by Gupta.  Hite’s Metallect is a local startup.  The team created a mark-up language called USDL during the course of their investigations.  The researchers also have published two prior papers, and Metallect gave UTD a $20,000 grant for continuing research in the field.  Matching funds were provided by the Jonsson School.

Separately, Mallya, working under Gupta, received the best paper award at the International Conference on Logic Programming in Barcelona, Spain in early October.  His paper, titled “Deductive Multi-valued Model Checking,” received the best student paper honor.  The paper deals with verifying properties of software systems in the presence of inconsistencies or if the system is incompletely specified.