As University and Enrollment Grow, Services Expand to Make Navigating Campus Easier


Click on the image to see a full-size map of preferred routes to parking lots or download a printable PDF. More information and other parking maps can be found on the Parking and Transportation website.

Getting around a growing campus is made easier with planning. The University offers multiple transportation options and hundreds of new parking spaces to meet campus growth.

UT Dallas recommends pedestrians use skybridges to navigate around construction areas and that drivers follow signage and use the provided maps to enter campus.

“We are excited to open a record number of new projects this fall which will change and enhance the campus environment,” said Dr. Calvin Jamison, vice president for administration. “We ask that you pardon our progress as we work to address new traffic patterns and other operational changes that may arise in the transition process.”

More than 400 Spots Added to Parking Lots T, J

Parking lot expansions added more than 350 residence hall permit spaces to Lot T, and 64 orange, gold, and purple permit parking spaces to Lot J. Lot T will be primarily for residence hall permit holders and will also feature a new location for Zipcar, a car-sharing service that requires a membership.

Directional signage and police officers will be in place to aid traffic flow at the start of the semester. For those driving to campus, consult the map at the top of this story.

Parking Structure 3 Adds 750 Spaces to UT Dallas

Students, faculty and staff are expected to be able to park in Parking Structure 3 (PS3), on the corner of Rutford Avenue and Loop Road, scheduled to open Aug. 25. The garage will have approximately 750 parking spaces, with parking on the top level for those with residence hall permits, pay-by-space parking for visitors on the first level, and parking for those with purple, orange, gold and green parking permits on the remaining levels. Additionally, the structure will house offices for the Parking and Transportation department and retail options, including an Einstein Bros Bagels, which opened Aug. 18, and an IHOP Express, which is tentatively scheduled to open during spring 2015.

Crews will continue to add screening to the exterior of the PS3 after it is open, and sections of the garage may be closed intermittently to allow crews room to work. Landscaping will be added in October when temperatures are better for planting.

Parking Permits Available Online or at Bursar Office

To avoid parking citations, students, faculty and staff should have a 2014-15 parking permit on their vehicles by Sept. 1. Parking permits are available for purchase in the Bursar Office (SSB 2.300) or online. If you need a handicap parking permit, please review the University’s requirements for handicap registration and visit the Bursar Office to complete your permit purchase. For more information or assistance, visit the Parking and Transportation website or call 972-883-2344.

Use Skybridges to Cross Northern Section of Campus


Click on the map to view a larger version or download a printable PDF.

What’s New at UT Dallas

Read about other recent additions, back-to-school information and events:

During the continued construction of the Campus Enhancement Project, the area north of the Trellis to the Administration Building will remain closed, and pedestrians are directed to the skybridges and the perimeter entrances of the affected buildings, including the Administration Building, Erik Jonsson Academic Center, University Theatre, Founders North Building, Founders Building, Cecil and Ida Green Center, and Cecil H. Green Hall. Students, faculty, staff and campus visitors should expect more noise, increased construction traffic and altered access points to affected buildings and areas of campus throughout the duration of the project.

For up-to-date construction information and tips for getting around campus, visit Pardon Our Progress. Also follow Parking and Transportation Services on Twitter.

Transportation Options

Comet Cruiser

The free Comet Cruiser (DART Route 883) is a bus serving UT Dallas and the surrounding community. See the bus schedule and route on the Comet Cruiser website and follow @UTDCometCruiser on Twitter for timely service updates.Additionally, students can apply for a DART Student Transit Pass that allows users to ride all Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses and trains, plus the Trinity Railway Express from Union Station to CentrePort/DFW Airport Station (TRE Zone 1) at a discounted rate. Staff and faculty also can purchase a DART Transit Pass for a discounted price.

Comet Cabs

Comet Cabs are a free, on-campus shuttle service that runs routes in continuous loops. Anyone wanting to catch a ride can wave down a Comet Cab at any safe point along its route — such as a crosswalk or stop sign — and be dropped off at any safe point on its circuit. Comet Cabs run routes to-and-from:

• McDermott Library• University Commons • University Village Phase 1• Rutford Avenue North-South

This semester, a pilot route will be added on Drive H to help serve students living in University Village Phases 4-7.


Zipcar is a car-sharing network that allows students, faculty, staff and departments to set up an online account to rent cars by the hour or day from three on-campus locations: Lot T, Lot I and the intersection of Rutford Avenue and Drive D near University Village Phase 9, Building 67.

Safety and Health Reminders

As the campus population grows and its physical boundaries expand, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and use safe practices.

• Always use crosswalks when crossing the street. Drivers approaching an intersection must stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

• Cyclists and skateboarders should follow the flow of pedestrians on pathways and traffic on roads, and stop at stop signs.

• Campus Safety Escort: This free service is available 24/7 for students, employees and visitors. An officer, public safety officer or student employee will respond and escort you to your destination. Just call the UT Dallas Police Department at 972-883-2222.

• Make sure you have a current cellphone number in Galaxy so you can receive UTDAlert — which sends text alerts in the event of an emergency or disruption to normal University operations. Students also can add family members' numbers to UTDAlert. In the case of an emergency or weather incident, monitor the University home page, Facebook and Twitter for information.

• Be mindful of the Tobacco-Free Building Policy that applies to all forms of tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes.

Media Contact: The Office of Media Relations, UT Dallas, (972) 883-2155, [email protected].