BrainHealth Director Shares Science of Thinking in TEDx Talk

Dr. Sandra Chapman

Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman's research seeks new approaches to strengthening healthy brain development.

Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, founder and chief director of the Center for BrainHealth, presented Make Your Brain Smarter: It’s Not What You Think at a TEDx conference earlier this month in Washington D.C.  

Her 10-minute talk took aim at long-standing beliefs about what “smart” is and offered strategies to lengthen “brain spans” to more closely match the lengthening human lifespan.

Chapman's talk has been posted to the TEDx YouTube Channel. It was one of 20 presentations at the conference.

“I was honored to be a part of such an inspiring event and excited for the opportunity to share with millions of people around the world that being smarter is possible just by changing the way you think,” said Dr. Chapman. “My talk debunked the myth that brain decline is inevitable and revealed that changing the way you think can rewire your brain to be smarter and healthier.”

Make Your Brain Smarter: It’s Not What You Think was the title of Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman's TEDx conference talk.

TEDx conferences feature video and live speakers presenting ideas to spark discussion.  They are held under the guidance of the nonprofit TED (for Technology, Entertainment, Design) organization, whose slogan is "Ideas Worth Spreading."  

Chapman is the Dee Wyly Distinguished University Professor at The University of Texas at Dallas. Her research seeks new approaches to advance higher-order thinking, strengthen healthy brain development, and repair lost cognitive performance throughout life. She is author of the book Make Your Brain Smarter.

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