EPPS Professor Picked for NCAA Oversight Role

Dr. Kurt Beron, professor of economics in UT Dallas’ School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, has been elected to serve on the Management Council of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

NCAA’s Division III has about 450 universities, including UT Dallas. The council governs the division, producing and implementing policy relating to the 160,000 student-athletes attending Division III schools.

“I was surprised and excited by my election to this position,” Beron said. “It is the highest position in the governance structure of the NCAA that a non-president can be on and will put me in the middle of policy discussions at the national level. Being able to influence these policies that affect so many universities and students is somewhat daunting. But I look forward to the challenge and appreciate (UT Dallas) President David Daniel’s support in undertaking this position.”

Beron is one of three college faculty members on the 21-member oversight committee, which also includes university presidents, vice presidents and directors of athletics.

The Management Council’s responsibilities are wide-ranging. The group makes recommendations on how to allocate the division’s $23 million annual budget, as well as endorsing legislation connected to the 50-plus sports in which student athletes compete.

Among the divisive issues that Beron expects to confront as a Division III official are: possible implementation of an academic-reporting system tracking how student-athletes are progressing compared to the average student in a university; initiatives relating to substance abuse and sports wagering; and health and safety issues tied to concussions.

“These are issues that cut across all universities and will engender some debate, I expect,” Beron said. “In the end, though, the guiding philosophy has to be a focus on the overall well-being of the student-athlete. The emphasis, particularly at Division III, is on the student part of being a student-athlete.”

Beron already serves UT Dallas as its faculty athletics representative to the NCAA.  As part of his Management Council responsibilities, he also will serve on three other NCAA committees.

Dr. Kurt Beron is one of three college faculty members on the 21-member oversight committee.

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