EPPS Unveils Portrait Gallery of Chair Holders

Berry, Clark, Eckel, Sandler

From left: Dr. Brian Berry, Dr. Harold Clarke, Dr. Catherine Eckel and Dr. Todd Sandler

The School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences unveiled new portraits of its five chaired professors during a ceremony in Cecil H. Green Hall.

The portraits are casual, contemporary photographs of the distinguished faculty members. The black-and-white prints will hang in the third-floor lobby of Green, across the atrium from the office of Dean James Marquart.

The honored professors are:

  • Dr. Brian Berry – Lloyd Viel Berkner Regental Professor in geospatial science, member of the National Academy of Sciences and former dean. He is best known for his work on regional development and spatial analysis.
  • Dr. Harold Clarke – Ashbel Smith Professor in political science. He studies the political economy of public support and is co-investigator of the British Election Study.
  • Dr. Catherine Eckel – Ashbel Smith Professor in economics. She directs the Center for Behavioral and Experimental Economic Science.
  • Dr. Daniel Griffith – Ashbel Smith Professor in geospatial science. He has long-term research and teaching interests in spatial statistics and quantitative geography.
  • Dr. Todd Sandler – Vibhooti Shukla Professor of Economics and Political Economy. Sandler is director of the Center for Global Collective Action.

Marquart said he wants to continue to fill the wall with similar portraits in the future, to honor faculty members’ accomplishments.

“These professors have achieved great success in their academic and research careers,” he said. “Their work has an incredible impact on other people’s lives. ”

Berry, Clarke, Eckel and Sandler

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