Jindal School Adds Expertise in Management, Strategy, Finance

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News Center is posting profiles of tenured and tenure-track professors who have recently joined the University. The following schools' profiles have been published:

The Naveen Jindal School of Management has introduced seven new professors with a wide range of expertise this academic year as the fast-growing school’s enrollment climbs near 7,000.

The newest tenured and tenure-track faculty members are experts in accounting, economics, finance, management and organizational behavior.

“We are proud to be able to recruit top professors to join our world-class faculty,” said Dr. Hasan Pirkul, Jindal School dean and Caruth Chair of Management. “Our new professors are making important research contributions in addition to teaching our growing student population.”

The Jindal School also has added a number of clinical professors and senior lecturers in accounting, business communications, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management information systems, marketing and organizational behavior. They bring the Jindal School faculty to a total of 172.

To meet the needs of its growing enrollment and faculty, construction is ongoing on a new addition that is expected to be completed this summer.

Dorothee Honhon

Dr. Dorothée Honhon, assistant professor, operations management

Previously: Assistant professor in operations management, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Research Interests: Inventory management, retail operations, assortment planning and transportation

“Retail operations is a great field of research: you get research ideas while shopping! Why is this shirt available in blue and not in green?  Why is whole milk yogurt only available in big containers? More generally, how do retailers select the products they want to offer in a given product category? Could they increase profits by offering bundles of products at a discounted price? How should online retailers design their websites to gather information about their customers’ tastes while providing a smooth purchase experience? There are lots of interesting research questions which are still unexplored in the retail industry and can lead to very significant gains for traditional and online retailers.”

Kyle Hyndman


Dr. Kyle Hyndman, assistant professor, managerial economics

Previously: Assistant professor, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Research Interests: Behavioral and experimental economics, bargaining, auctions, behavioral operations management

“My research seeks to explore the conditions under which people make rational economic decisions and the underlying reasons and motivations for people’s behavior when they do not and apply this knowledge to real-world problems such as savings decisions, procrastination, bargaining and auction design.”

Virginie Lopez-Kidwell


Dr. Virginie Lopez-Kidwell, assistant professor, organizations strategy and international management

Previously: PhD student, University of Kentucky

Research Interests: Organizational behavior with an emphasis on emotional and relational dynamics within social networks

“I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to teach and do research at the Jindal School of Management. The remarkable academic reputation alone is enough to want to be part of UT Dallas. I hope to keep developing my stream of research and eventually make an impact on the literature of my field. Concurrently, I would like to keep inspiring students to gain more understanding of the field of organizational behavior to better prepare them for the real world and their career paths.”

Jun Xia


Dr. Jun Xia, associate professor, organizations, strategy and international management

Previously: Assistant professor, West Virginia University

Research Interests: Resource dependence, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, international strategies, state-owned enterprises and institutional changes in transitioning and emerging countries

“These research areas are very interesting to delve into because there are many issues that remain to be explored. There are excellent colleagues at UT Dallas, and I am excited to work with them. My goal is to become a good and reliable teacher, researcher and colleague.

Nir Yehuda


Dr. Nir Yehuda, assistant professor, accounting

Previously: Visiting assistant professor of accounting, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Research Interests: Financial reporting and the role of accounting information in capital markets

“The Jindal School of Management is a leading research and teaching institute. Dean Pirkul has led the school to be one of the highest-ranked teaching and research institutes in the country. The accounting department includes top professors in the field with diverse research interests. I look forward to teaching, as I very much enjoy the interactions with students.”

Xia Zhao


Dr. Xiaofei Zhao, assistant professor, finance and managerial economics

Previously: PhD student, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Research Interests: Learning under incomplete information and its implications on asset pricing and corporate finance, asset pricing: information structure, jumps and asset prices; empirical corporate finance: valuation issues in material information events

“I am very excited about teaching at UTD because of the stimulating and collegial environment. I am looking forward to working with my colleagues to build up a research agenda. And, at the same time, I hope to bring my research and industry experience to the classroom.”

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