New Hires Further Naveen Jindal School of Management’s Reputation

Dr. Hasan Pirkul

The Naveen Jindal School of Management (JSOM) this fall welcomed 19 new faculty members, including seven tenured and tenure-track faculty members.

Among the 19 are several familiar faces returning to the Jindal School after serving in positions elsewhere. The largest school at The University of Texas at Dallas now boasts 222 faculty members and 113 adjunct instructors.

Dr. Stanimir Markov, Ashbel Smith Professor of accounting, is among the new appointees. Markov is back at UT Dallas after teaching for five years at Southern Methodist University, where he was the Marilyn and Leo F. Corrigan Research Professor and where he twice received the Edwin L. Cox School of Business Research Excellence Award.

“It is gratifying to welcome all these new professors,” said Dr. Hasan Pirkul, Caruth Chair and Jindal School dean. “They join the Jindal School as its stature grows and its reputation for excellence increases. The credentials of these new faculty members — both in teaching and in research — add to our prominence, too.”

Recent rankings continue to boost the Jindal School’s stature. According to two recent analyses by Gartner, the school has two of the top-ranked supply chain programs in North America.

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program is ranked ninth in the latest analysis of the Top 25 North American Graduate Supply Chain Programs. The undergraduate program is ranked 23rd in Gartner’s 2018 undergraduate report.

Pirkul continues to focus on new ways to deliver the highest-quality management education and grow the school’s reputation and appeal among business researchers and dedicated students.

A new program, the Colloquium for the Advancement of Free-Enterprise Education, will help students gain a better understanding of the American free-enterprise system.

The school also launched the Jindal Young Scholars Program this semester. Four Dallas Independent School District graduates enrolled to participate in the new four-year scholarship initiative.

In an effort to produce well-rounded graduates, the Jindal School implemented a new community service requirement. All incoming freshmen and new undergraduate transfer students must fulfill 100 hours of community service or work on business-related projects for nonprofits prior to graduation.

“The community service requirement helps the Jindal School educate graduates not only ready for business but also ready to serve their neighbors and to serve the public good,” Pirkul said. “Community service often is a form of leadership training. Students learn to solve problems, analyze issues, delegate responsibility, build confidence in the organizations they help and communicate a vision of those organizations. They learn to influence and motivate others to contribute to the cause. These are valuable skills in the workplace.”


New Tenure-Track Faculty


Dr. Andrew Frazelle

Dr. Andrew Frazelle, assistant professor of operations management

Previously: PhD candidate, Duke University

Research interests: strategic routing in service networks, strategic consumers, business analytics, inventory theory

Quote: “My research focuses on operations management problems in service operations and supply chains, often in the presence of strategic customers and innovative business models. My goal is to generate insights that will help managers and consumers adapt to a world that offers more opportunities to be strategic than ever before and to improve the efficiency of the systems that they inhabit. I am extremely excited to join UT Dallas, and I am already benefiting from the welcoming and vibrant intellectual culture at JSOM and the entire University.”


Dr. Bin Hu

Dr. Bin Hu, associate professor of operations management

Previously: assistant professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research interests: sourcing and procurement, supply chain management, innovation operations

Quote: “Growing up in China and witnessing its incredible growth to become the world’s factory in the globalization process, I was fascinated by myriad supply chain and sourcing issues, and I chose to focus on this topic for my PhD thesis. I have always been interested in and following technological innovations. I assembled my own computers, built my own TV boxes, and own a 3D printer and virtual reality goggles. Such personal interests have fueled my recent expansion into research in innovative industries such as 3D printing and Uber.”


Dr. Joonhwi Joo

Dr. Joonhwi Joo, assistant professor of marketing

Previously: postdoctoral research associate, UT Dallas

Research interests: structural empirical methods, choice theory, pricing and branding

Quote: “Over time, my research interests narrowed down to consumer choice and consumer demand, which is very closely related to marketing. I ended up writing my dissertation implementing the rational inattention, a new line of stochastic consumer choice theory, to the pricing problem. I want to inspire students to see how economics affects all our lives.”


Dr. Stanimir Markov

Dr. Stanimir Markov, Ashbel Smith Professor of accounting

Previously: professor of accounting, Southern Methodist University

Research interests: information intermediaries, corporate disclosure, capital markets

Quote: “My research explores how information — accounting and non-accounting — is produced and used by information intermediaries and capital markets. This is important because without quality information, fair and efficient markets cease to exist and managerial opportunism becomes rampant.”


Dr. Xiaoxiao Tang

Dr. Xiaoxiao Tang, assistant professor of finance and managerial economics

Previously: PhD candidate, Washington University in St. Louis

Research interests: theoretical and empirical asset pricing, options, recovery, disaster risk

Quote: “My research focuses on using options to obtain forward-looking moments of stock returns. I am also interested in newly developed statistical models and their applications to different areas in finance.”


Dr. Shervin Tehrani

Dr. Shervin Tehrani, assistant professor of marketing

Previously: PhD candidate, University of Toronto

Research interests: quantitative marketing, game theory, structural modeling, machine learning, applied econometrics

Quote: “I am a theorist and an empirical researcher in marketing. My first paper was about the benefit of selling the product through competitor outlets. My recent research shows that sending the right message to the right consumers can be profitable even in a competitive market where all firms do advertising targeting. The heart of my research is to construct practical and pragmatic models to explain people’s choice behavior under bounded rationality.”


Dr. Yingjie Zhang

Dr. Yingjie Zhang, assistant professor of information systems

Previously: PhD candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

Research interests: mobile and sensor technologies, big data and smart city, user-generated content, sharing economy, social media

Quote: “I am interested in the intersection of social and technical aspects of information technologies. In particular, I use real-world trajectory data to analyze users’ online and offline behaviors under a social-cyber-physical system.”


New Faculty Series

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